Have you ever felt misled on this muddy path of building a business around a passion? Have you ever invested in the wrong person, trusting so easily in the advice they present you with? Only to sit in a pile of remorse weeks, months later? I am all too familiar with this feeling. Here is the biggest truth I know (after being an entrepreneur for over thirteen years) business is personal!

I have a track record of moving too fast (pure manifesting generator here). And often times what ends up happening is that I am left with a pile of questioning, darkened nostalgia, or worse yet – regret. This isn’t a fun position to be in. ⁠

Sure, I’d argue that our ‘failures’ are some of our greatest teachers! and that everything eventually leads you to where you are suppose to be. But what if we could just save ourselves a bit of frustrations and thousands of dollars in the process of building our creative businesses.

Although creating with passion is a savoured strong suit among us creative beings, online business is complex. There are endless decisions to make all the time. Sometimes those decisions aren’t easy to come by. And sometimes it’s hard to ensure you are making the right ones for you. Especially when you have a million and one people yelling some new strategy in your ear. ⁠(Advice numero uno – unfollow anyone who’s preaching a message that doesn’t feel expansive for you. You’ll thank me later.)⁠

May I share some candid advice with you? ⁠

Sometimes the very things that work for those business gurus you are following, will never work for you. ⁠

Why? ⁠

  • Because you have come to this lifetime with your own motivation, challenges and emotional landscape.⁠
  • You have a totally different energetic capacity.
  • The gifts you have aren’t parallel to theirs. ⁠

So where do we go from here? ⁠

We get back to tuning in with ourselves and the innate wisdom that lives within each of us, serving as the north compass that we are blessed to be gifted. Furthermore we seek a territory of deeper self understanding.

⁠As a creative force, you get to feel a special attachment to what you are creating and no one gets to convince you otherwise. It’s not just about business. What we deliver to our clients is a representation of our hearts.

Your art, the way in which you create, serve, show up, and your brilliant product suite – It should all be honoured in a personal way. You don’t have to do it the way you see it done.

This is your life path. ⁠⁠

Your path. ⁠

Your magic. ⁠

Hold this experience close to your heart, and honour your unique rhythm of becoming. ⁠

From my overflowing heart and as your intuitive guide and mentor I promise to always honour you – my creative, passionate, moody, drenched in love, expressive, melancholy, magical unicorn beings.

When we work together, we honour the truth that business is personal. I lead you on a journey of peeling back the layers of your unique energetic landscape not getting you to conform to my own.⁠

With grace and gratitude. ⁠


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