Greetings Beautiful Being I’m Jessica, Life & Business Strategist + Photographer. With open arms, I welcome you – to my gallery, my virtual darkroom, my laboratory, my mountain top.

I believe I was put here on this planet and in this body to live in harmony with my creative expressions + inspire others to step into their infinite potential.

My own journey of running a creative online business since 2009 has allowed me to witness, document and marvel in the intricacies of human behaviour.

With divine gifts of being a visionary woman, I carry out a deep mission to capture the essence of your being and the truth in your story.

My truth – I am many things:

A Certified Human Design Specialist, Intuitive Life & Business Strategist, Professional Photographer, Astrologer, Self-Love Advocate, Mom, Wife… and literally so much more!

I don’t believe I have to choose just one thing, or one title! And I certainly don’t comply to the false narrative that tells us we have to aggressively ‘niche down’. I am here to be a fully expressed being, and I hope to inspire you to be the same.

Around here I weave together over a decade of online business knowledge with the power of energetics, human design and intuitive guidance to support and empower my fellow creatives in building enriching lives. While simultaneously capturing and creating my art through my many lenses.

THIS is your once in a lifetime cosmic legacy. And it’s a true honour to be apart of it.

With grace and gratitude,

~ Jessica

[Life & Business Strategist + Photographer]

You are a sacred being, with divine gifts. You deserve to experience your highest energetic signature and claim your magic.

Throughout my photography work I always aim to capture and celebrate relationships, moments and human connection.


I've always been the girl who moved to the beat of her own drum, unabashedly danced freely and boldly claimed her dreams. But just like many... there were years of my life where I felt tainted by life and completely lost. Sucked in and restrained in a trance of who the world and those around me told me I should be. Until I broke free... A big part of my own awakening and self-acceptance journey has come from learning and exploring both my human design + astrological natal chart. The magic found within these two systems continues to astound me and has been a complete gift in helping me to love myself deeper. Through these self discovery tools I was able to give myself permission to reclaim my multi-passionate soul and soar to realms of utter self acceptance. My personal experiment has shown and continues to prove to me, the infinite magic written in the stars for us.


  • I'm a Compassionate & Highly Intuitive Pisces Sun
  • Creative, Playful and Intellectual Gemini Moon
  • Innovative Free-Spirited Aquarius Rising
  • Pure Manifesting Generator Energy Type
  • With a 1/3 Profile Archetype