My own journey of running a photography business has taken me down the path of witnessing, documenting and marvelling in the intricacies of human behaviour. It has been thirteen years (and counting) and I still get swept up in the beautiful abyss of observing what makes each of us so brilliantly different. This has become the thesis of my life’s work.

Hey, I’m Jessica! I was put in this body to live in harmony with my creative expressions + inspire others to step into their infinite potential.

Back in 2009 I turned my whole life upside down in the span of two weeks. After growing utterly exhausted, depressed and anxious checking metaphorical boxes and living a mundane life on other people’s terms, I threw away every ounce of security to go all in on my creative passion. I have been on an exhilarating journey of carving and claiming my own path ever since.

A big piece of my work today is entangled in supporting other creatives in fostering a deep relationship with themselves and the work they are called to create.

Around here passion becomes art and purpose.

Make no mistake about it, being a creative entrepreneur in the online space will ask you to bare witness yourself in profound ways. This is an awakening in its own right. A journey that will ask you to dance with personal development, sink into the rhythm of transformation, heal delicate wounds, shed many layers and perpetually rebirth over and over again.

This is a personal undertaking but you don’t have to venture alone.

It is my sacred mission and deepest honour to guide you on this path of total authenticity and aligned growth.

With grace and gratitude,

~ Jessica



You are a sacred being, with divine gifts. You deserve to experience your highest energetic signature and claim your magic.

Throughout my photography work I always aim to capture and celebrate relationships, moments and human connection.