My own journey of being a professional photographer for the last thirteen years has taken me down a path of observing, documenting and marvelling in the intricacies of humans. I often find myself completely swept up and emerged in the beautiful abyss of witnessing what makes each of us so brilliantly different. This has become the thesis of my life’s work.

Here it is my friend – I believe we are all created to be something special, and when we tap into that ‘something special’ – magic happens!

I am here to help you see yourself in the best light!

Back in 2009 I intuitively turned my whole life upside down in the span of two weeks to chase my creative passion. I did not anticipate how this one bold move would rattle my whole life, infuse me with life force energy and be the catalyst for endless transformation. I haven’t stopped listening to my intuition since then!

It is my belief that we did not incarnate as humans to be self loathing, but rather self-loving creatures!

Today, you can find me celebrating my multi-passionate and creative spirit through my photography, and dedication to creating offers that will help you get more connected with who you are, your gifts and how to honour your soul purpose.