Hello Beautiful Being, I’m Jess Little!

[ Photographer + Intuitive Business Mentor ]

I’ve experienced firsthand the life-changing transformation of stepping into my own creativity, and now I mentor fellow creatives to do the same. Guiding them on the path of total authenticity, aligned growth, and self-defined freedom. 

I believe I was put here on this planet and in this body to live in harmony with my creative expressions + inspire others to step into their infinite potential.

My own journey of running a creative online business since 2009 has taught me countless things about business strategy, human behaviour, and the power of alignment.

Around here I help you remember who you are, and support you in building an enriching life and business by weaving together over a decade of online business knowledge with the power of energetics, human design and soulful strategies.

My mission is to help creatives leverage their superpowers so they can fall in love with their lives, build businesses they feel extremely connected to and step into their full authentic expression.

If building a business from your creative passion is something on your radar, then listen up my friend… cookie cutter strategies aren’t likely going to work for you. Because you my friend are one of a kind.

Succeeding at monetizing your passion and building a life of purpose and fulfillment, will require you to take an important journey of getting to know yourself.

YOU have endless potential, unique gifts and a creative energy that came here to be honoured.

It is my greatest pleasure to facilitate a sacred journey of helping you align with creative expression, success and radical self-love!

~ Jess


A photographer for life's dearest moments.

I've always been the girl who moved to the beat of her own drum, danced freely and boldly claimed her dreams. But just like many... there were years of my life where I felt completely lost. Sucked in and restrained in a trance of who the world and those around me told me I should be. Until I broke free... A big part of my own awakening and self-acceptance journey has come from learning and exploring both my human design + astrological natal chart. The magic found within these two systems continues to astounds me and has been a complete gift in helping me to love myself deeper. And my personal experiment has shown and proven to me, its infinite magic.


  • Pisces Sun / Gemini Moon / Aquarius Rising
  • Energy Type - Pure Manifesting Generator
  • Profile - 1/3
  • Incarnation Cross [55/59 | 34/20]

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