Jessica Little | Photographer & Intuitive Artist

HEY! I’m Jess

~ a vibrant force in the realm of creativity, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. With a kaleidoscope of talents, I dance effortlessly between the worlds of artistry, writing, and photography. My journey isn’t just about creating; it’s about illuminating a path of love!

As a visionary artist, I paint with the colors of my soul, infusing each creation with the essence of my being. My art speaks volumes, whispering tales of emotion, connection, and the beauty of authenticity. Through my words, I weave intricate tapestries of inspiration, touching hearts and igniting passions.

But my impact extends far beyond the photo and the page. Recognizing the power of entrepreneurship to transform lives, I’ve dedicated myself to nurturing the dreams of aspiring visionaries. With unwavering dedication, I create online resources and unique experiences tailored to the unique needs of creative souls longing to turn their passions into thriving businesses.

What sets me apart is my holistic approach to success. I don’t just offer strategies; I delve deep into the essence of each individual, harnessing the wisdom of energy, personal development and cosmic influences. Through this potent blend of intuition and insight, I help my clients not only discover who they are but also how to align their lives and businesses with their truest selves.

My passion is contagious, my vision boundless, and my love for my craft evidently undeniable.

In a world hungry for authenticity and connection, I stand as a shining example of what it means to lead with heart. I’m not just an artist, a writer, or an entrepreneur; I’m a catalyst for change, a champion of dreams, and a guiding light for all who dare to chase their passions and carve their own path in this beautiful, chaotic world.

I passionately believe that life is a glorious journey of self-discovery and profound declaration. A quest to cherish ourselves and our beloveds with every beat of our hearts.

A NOTE FROM JESS ~ I've always been the girl who danced boldly to her own rhythm, fearlessly carving her path with intention. Yet, like so many, I found myself adrift in the expectations imposed by the world and those around me. But once I embraced my truth, everything changed. Delving into my personal astrology and human design, nurturing my intuition and spirituality, became the catalysts for my profound transformation. I realized I was never meant to fit into one box, adhere to a single title, or conform to a traditional 9-5 routine. And perhaps, neither are you? Through my journey of self-discovery, I've cultivated a deeper love for myself, my people and my community. Now, it's my joy to guide you on your own path of self-discovery and empowerment, helping you embrace and celebrate every facet of your unique magic. Because life is too short to be mediocre and you're too magical to keep hiding your light. xoxo