Jessica Little | Photographer & Intuitive Artist

My own journey of being a professional photographer & intuitive artist for the last thirteen years has taken me down a path of observing, documenting and marvelling in the intricacies of human behaviour. I often find myself completely swept up and emerged in the beautiful abyss of witnessing what makes each of us so brilliantly different. This fascination has become the thesis of my life’s work.

I am here to help you honour the truth in your story through all that I create and capture.

My story is one of spontaneous self-trust.

Back in 2009 I intuitively turned my whole life upside down in the span of two weeks to chase my creative passion. I did not anticipate how this one bold move would rattle me awake, infuse me with life force energy and be the catalyst for endless transformation and personal healing. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always proven to be worth it.

Journeying a path unknown and carving my way through steadfast determination and self empowerment I have arrived at a place of calm resonance. Knowing that every trial and tribulation, loss and gain, has been an opportunity for personal growth, and a loving acceptance for all.

Today you can find me celebrating my multi-passionate gifts and relishing in all of life’s beauty and bounty.

I am a photographer & intuitive artist currently offering …


I have always been the girl who danced to her own beat, and lived life with brave intention. But just like many, I spent years lost in a confusion of who the world and those around me told me I should be. It wasn't until I started honouring my truth that I began to harness my own gifts and magic.  Learning my personal astrology and human design, fostering a healthy relationship with my intuition and strengthening my spirituality has allowed me to completely transform my life. I was never intended to choose one thing, hold one title, work the traditional 9-5 rhythm, or thrive in most conventional ways. And maybe neither are you? I believe that when we get to know ourselves and uncover our soul codes we step into uncharted territory of self sovereignty. DARE TO KNOW AND LOVE ALL OF YOUR MAGIC?