Your Personal Human Design Report

Have you ever wished you had cheat codes to success and deeper happiness?

This unique energy report will outline many areas of your personal human design so you may begin your embodiment experiment. Are you ready to discover who you were born to be, the gift of your aura, and have a guide that can help you get your life in alignment with your truth?

Your human design experiment starts now.

What is covered in this report:

  • Energy Type & Strategy, so you can begin operating in high vibration

  • Authority, so you can effectively make decisions

  • Your signature / non self theme, so you have a clear indicator when you are on the right track

  • Profile, so you have clarity on the role you naturally play

  • Incarnation Cross (the four gates), so you know where you shine and what keeps you grounded

  • Your strongest sense, so you can supercharge your tangible experiences

  • Planetary Influences, so you have deeper insight on how each planet activates you

  • Your four arrows of transformation, so you can truly accept how you are design to take in information and digest the world around you


All prices are in CAD
PDF Report $222


Private Session (60min zoom call with me to discuss your design + how you can begin to leverage your gifts) $222
Aligned Manifestation Guide (Use your human design to unlock how you have been designed to manifest) $37.00

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