This unique business program takes you on a self discovery journey and helps you create a business that puts YOU at the forefront of any strategy.

human design business program by mentor Jessica Little

I want you to know that you have untapped potential, unique gifts and a creative energy that came here to be honoured.

Step into your authentic expression and create the business thats asking to be birthed by you!

Claiming your path, doing work that you love, serving clients in a way that feels soul satisfying, connecting to the core of who you are - NOW THATS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS MY FRIEND.

Mainstream will tell you that following the routined and traditional 9-5, riding along with the mundane rhythm of life is “normal” or more "secure" and the “only” way to financial security and an abundant life. That you should hustle hard, clock in and suck it up. But I say to heck with those lies! Our lives were intended for more.




The way I see it EVERY CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR should be learning and leveraging their personal energetics to increase...

Financial Abundance

By giving your energy to the right things and in turn attracting ideal clients who LOVE working with you.


In seeing your own self-worth, dreaming bigger and taking ownership of your own life.


Of self expression, calling your own shots and living life on your own terms without worrying about outside opinions.

Maximum Fulfilment

By fuelling your creative fire and putting your own happiness and desires at the forefront of your life's journey.

Jessica Little - Human Design Specialist

Can I share a personal story with you? 

My life looked completely different back in 2009. Before I boldly took a stand to redefine my life, on my own terms.

If you were to turn the clock back and have a peek into my life back then you would have seen a young woman so exhausted, depressed and barely hanging on. 

At the time, I was deep in my masculine energy and starving my feminine. I was stuck in an endless rhythm of working two full time jobs that didn’t fulfil me in the least. 

Until one afternoon, when I collapsed at my kitchen table, and with my head hung low I found myself sobbing at my reality. I wasn’t happy and for the first time I admitted it out loud.

The two weeks that followed changed my life forever.

I quit my job almost instantly, emptied my hard earned savings account to go all in on starting a photography business and hit the ground running toward building a successful life with my creative passion. 

This is how I understand the power of energy, self sovereignty, and the importance of honouring both my masculine and feminine energy to build a life you are head over heels in love with.

I created this program because I wish I had this information when I was getting started building my own online business back in 2009.



Move past frustration, anger or bitterness and begin to build your own business that honours your creative passion in just a few short weeks.

Who is this for?

This program is perfect for any creative entrepreneur, freelancer, or individual ready to connect to their soul's purpose and gifts.

It's intended for those interested in learning about their own human design and astrology to build an aligned business.

The end result?

An online business that oozes with your authentic gifts, while also having a clear and actionable business plan.
The confidence to articulate yourself online and attract clients and sales with ease, grace and gratitude.
A deeper understanding of yourself and how you are designed to cultivate more happiness and satisfaction in your life and business
The freedom to pursue your creative passion(s) while making the money you desire without the constant cycle and force of hustle and burnout 

Check out some of the wins from past Accelerate In Alignment students...

"I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to be a business owner, or those who may need a refresh or restart to their journey”

"The biggest breakthrough came in the form of my mindset shift. Where there was once doubt and fear there is now a firm belief in both myself, my work and my business."

"Jess was able to help me get clear on exactly what I wanted out of becoming a female entrepreneur and how to see that vision through."

human design business program by human design specialist, Jessica Little

Here are a few ah-ha moments you'll experience inside of Accelerate In Alignment

How understanding your unique energy blueprint will allow you to easily build a business that’s entirely, authentically you
The gift of Energy Alignment in your whole business model, strategy and overall outlook on how you will lead your business forward
The magical concoction of embodiment and self-trust
Attract clients that LOVE working with you without having to constantly hustle or chase down leads
Flow and grow with ease and total confidence in your path and never worry about what the future holds again

Here's what is waiting for you inside:

Accelerate in Alignment is a self study Human Design Business Program designed to be entirely self-paced.

+ You'll get lifetime access to the full program (including any updates)

Module #1


Uncovering the pieces of your human design chart will arm you with greater self-awareness and reveal how you have been designed to behave and make decisions. Plus unlock clues to your soul's mission for this lifetime - all crucial in building an aligned business. 

Module #2


In this module, you'll solidify what your specialty should be, create an aligned offer suite, and learn to honour your energetic capacity. You'll dig into how you can leverage your energy to create a business that supports you and the life you desire with ease.

human design business program, module 3 is about magnetic brand foudnations

Module #3

INTEGRATE Foundations of a Magnetic Brand 

Learn effective personal branding to draw in soul aligned clients - the ones who will be so thrilled about hiring you, referring you and allowing you to truly live out this dream of having a thriving online business!

Module 4 of this human design business program is about learning how to GAIN MOMENTUM WITH EMBODIED MARKETING

Module #4


This is when we start to compile strategies that will ensure you are attracting the right clients into your business in ways that feel good by being authentically YOU. 

You are going to finish this Human Design Business Program off strong, determined, and with an unwavering belief in yourself, knowing that you deserve success!

Module #5


You are going to finish this Human Design Business Program off strong, determined, and with an unwavering belief in yourself, knowing that you deserve success! 

Learning to leverage your Human Design Body Graph in this Human Design Business Program

But wait... there's more:

To make sure you have everything you need to take action and start building a profitable aligned business, this Human Design Business Program also includes an exclusive bonus vault ($500 value) FOR FREE:

BONUS #1: Preparing For Profits Guide - so you can be 100% sure that you're charging your worth and turning a profit

BONUS #2: Brand Messaging Guide- so you can cast a spell over the internet with your potent brand message

BONUS #3: The Client Consultation Checklist - so you can calm your nerves before and during client consultations and sink into being present with them rather then fumble on what to say next

BONUS #4: Email Nurture Sequence Checklist  - so you have a guide to help you turn prospects into buyers even if they aren't ready right now

BONUS #5: Higher Self Meditation - so you can become the powerful force you were designed to be

BONUS #6: Financial Abundance Meditation  - so you can connect to your abundant overflow and welcome in more money effortlessly into your life

BONUS #7: The Aligned Manifestation Guide!  - so you can manifest your dream life using the energetic power and pull from your unique human design.

Get this one of a kind Human Design Business Program 


Greetings Beautiful Being, I'm Jessica, Creatress of Accelerate in Alignment.

I have never been content with surface level living and have always sought to journey a territory of deeper self understanding.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with the energy in the cosmos and studying the astrology of those around me has always been my love language.

I spent years frustrated in jobs that didn't fulfil me in the slightest. Frozen in fear of failure, perfection tendencies and confusion, not knowing what the real possibilities were for me.

I thought the only path to success was one of constant hustle, devastating burnout, and deep-seated unease.

But when I came across human design and started living in harmony with my energetic truth, I finally found the success I'd been hustling after.

I've since restructured my whole business, and recommitted myself to fuel what fuels me, and in turn I have attracted clients I adore.

I don't say this to brag. I say this to show you *what's possible.*

Now, I want to help you along a similar journey, one from fear and confusion to the life you've been dreaming of all along.

I can't wait to see you accelerate your life in alignment to your truth, xx.

Jessica Little - Human Design Specialist and Business Mentor

You CAN profit from your passion in a way that feels good, and 

I can’t wait to show you how when you join Accelerate in Alignment.

More feedback from past students:

Rebekah - past student from this Human Design business program

"Jess has been so sweet and supportive. She gives that little extra push that I often need. 

I felt very lost in terms of what to do for social media and my website, and what my niche would be but now I have a much clearer direction for everything. 

I feel like I have the right tools that I need to move forward and the only thing really keeping me in my way is myself, which I am ready to work on."

Rebekah Melko - Photographer

Liz, a past student from this Human Design business program

"The Accelerate in Alignment program was exactly what I needed."

“I came to Jess completely defeated and ready to walk away from my business.

Her course is beautiful designed to break down the content into manageable thought provoking sections, each building on the next until you get to the end of the program and see the bigger picture she was leading you to. 

I walked away from the program with new energy and filled with ideas on branding my business to attract my dream clients! 

I’m actually excited about putting the necessary work into my business!"

Liz Czinge - Photographer

"Taking this program was a great investment for myself and my business. As a newer business, it helped me gain clarity and get clear on the direction I want to take with it. 

My biggest win with this program is being able to expand on my goals for my business and able to explore new ideas to help reach a wider audience without sacrificing my own services. 

I cannot wait to launch my new goals in 2021 and see my wellness based business grow and help others."

April Haggart - Wellness Coach

PLEASE NOTE: This is a self study Human Design Business Program, meaning you go at your own pace, and at your own speed. But if you run into any issues, have burning questions or require additional support - you can always reach out to me (Jessica) directly at

I would be happy to assist you on any next steps, or further support you on your endeavour of building an aligned business!

Still have questions? I've got answers...

Q: What makes Accelerate in Alignment different?

A: Jessica combines her 13+ years of online business knowledge with the power of learning and leveraging your personal energetics. 

This journey is about bridging both the cosmic realm and the business world together to help you soar in a highly personal way.

Q: When does the program begin?

A: You will receive immediate access to get started and work within the framework and methodology laid our for you.

You also have lifetime access, including any updates. 

Q: Will I have access to Jessica during this program?

This self paced program runs on a thoughtful automation and does not include any 1:1 readings, sessions or time with Jessica. Those opportunities can be explored and booked on my website.

If you have questions or need any help with the program, you can always reach out via email to: 

Human Design Business Program with Jessica Little

Imagine what your life would look like if...

You woke up every morning at peace knowing that you’re fulfilling your creative purpose 
You had the freedom to pursue your creative interests without fearing for your financial well being 
You had unwavering confidence knowing that your success is not determined by how hard you hustle but by how authentic you can allow yourself to be expressed 
Owned a profitable online business that allowed you to help others while following your passion

Get Immediate Access To This Human Design Business Program & Start To Build Your Aligned Business Today!