Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you knew how they were feeling just by looking at them?

Chances are, the person you looked at was experiencing some strong emotion projecting outwards through their energy aura, leaving the rest of us to pick up on their state of mind. 

We’re surrounded by energy auras all day long, even if we don’t realize it. 

But what exactly is an energy aura? An energy aura surrounds your physical body, as well as the bodies of others, and plays an important role in understanding and harnessing the power of your energy type.

Since it’s connected to your life force, an energy aura can be used to identify how strong or weak you are on the inside, based on how your aura looks on the outside. 

In addition, an energy aura acts as an antenna, receiving and transmitting information constantly without us even knowing it in ways that we might consider clairvoyance or clairsentience. 

Let’s discuss that in detail below!

What is Aura?

Everything in the Universe is a constant flux of energy. From atoms to electrons, every single thought and emotion – even our consciousness – are all made from nothing but movements. 

Likewise, an aura can be identified as a photonic movement created by light. Spiritual beliefs state that an aura is a colored outer layer made up of light. 

This layer surrounds every living thing and can’t be seen by most people. Still, psychics and holistic health professionals claim they can see auras using cameras or special abilities. 

Spiritually and through alternative medicine, it is believed that every human has an aura or energy around them. 

Often this means that seven different layers of energy surround them, each telling a different story about who they are and how healthy they are. 

Does Everyone Have their Aura?

Yes, all living beings emit some form of energy. This includes other living things, like trees and flowers, for example.

A recent study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences explains that humans are made up of two parts- one seen and one unseen. 

Researchers claim that no scientist can measure an individual’s energy system for years.

Although no scientific studies prove this, it is generally believed that everyone has an energy field around them – or an aura. 

Some even believe that the human aura may be more complex than other organisms because humans are more evolved. 

What are the Meanings of Each Color of Aura?

The colors of your aura are seen through the seven major chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. They’re all connected by way of these auric layers.

 Knowing what colors correspond to which chakra can help you understand what your aura is trying to tell you.

  • Red

The red color is associated with a range of passionate emotions and sexual desires, people with this color in their aura are not only grounded, but they have balance and control. 

Spending and material wealth is a fun game to those who wear this hue around them; they hate denying themselves the pleasure of all things material. This color represents someone with a positive outlook on life – someone with an abundance of energy!

  • Orange

An orange hue indicates one’s contentment with others – their friends, family, and environment. People with a fair amount of orange in their aura are also predisposed to become quick friends. 

Orange is the color of one’s Sacral Chakra (chakra at the base of the spine), which holds any negative or positive emotions influenced by their relationships with other people.

  • Yellow

A yellow aura indicates happiness and peace within oneself; therefore, it symbolizes the Solar Plexus Chakra. It may also indicate a playful spirit, high self-esteem, spiritual enlightenment, high intellect, or an adventurous appetite.

  • Green

Green is known as the color of self-love and not pink, despite having the same frequency levels. People with a green aura often show 2 signs: They are in love with someone who balances them out, or they have a kind, loving heart when it comes to people around them; animals, plants, friends and family alike – those within their world at least.

  • Blue

Blue is the color of communication, so it is associated with the throat chakra. A blue aura reveals someone who likes to meditate and is in a calm state. Blue individuals stand out because they love being there for others – friends or family.

  • Purple

The energy of Purple is the highest level of all chakras. It resides at the Crown Chakra, which connects to intuition and guidance for oneself and others. Those who possess this energy are most likely artistic.

  • White

White is the color of one’s inner energy, both physical and emotional. When it’s present in someone’s aura, it indicates two possible meanings: either that they are more driven by spirituality; or less interested in worldly issues such as material wealth or pleasures. 

In addition, white represents wholeness and healthiness when seen emanating from someone’s body.

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Auras in Human Designs!

Human Design is an ancient and modern science that deepens understanding of oneself and others. 

Though it does not work as a form of therapy or self-improvement, this discipline can offer insights into one’s psychology and decision-making process for easier classification. 

Within Human Design, an aura is an energetic field that surrounds your body and can transmit identity characteristics. 

We are born with particular auras, which provide the roadmap for what we will become in this lifetime. To identify what aura you’re aligned with, figure out your date, place, and time of birth. 

The Human Design System can show you how you give your energy to other people and receive energy from other people. This knowledge gives you an insight into who we are as individuals and our inherent needs, which allows us to focus on best nourishing ourselves while also taking care of ourselves.

In the Human Design System, five types of humans correlate to each aura: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. 

The differentiating factor between these human beings is their corresponding auras which determine what we do in life. Every type of person plays an essential part in the way people interact. 

Generators and Manifesting Generators provide the hard-working backbone for society; Projectors have the vision and projective energy to lead and manage projects; Manifestors stir up strife, which can seem destructive at times but ultimately becomes necessary for progress; Reflectors are mirrors for our society, reflecting what we do so that we may change ourselves for the better. 

If everyone lived life according to their natural type – making it easy to fit into what they were created to do – there would be much less conflict around the world. Let’s discuss them in detail below:

  • Manifestors 

The Manifestor has come to create, lead, and start something new. The initiating force is strong enough to flow through the design’s throat center from one or more motor centers. 

This energy helps manifest opportunities for oneself and others alike. As a society, it is the Manifestor who initiates everything. 

It is only after they initiate something that all of the other types – Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors – come in to help ensure their idea becomes a reality.

  • Generators 

The Generator is powered by the Sacral Motor, which remains steadfastly strong through even the toughest times. 

The Motor starts every morning and continues to run all day relentlessly until it finally winds down from exhaustion at night. 

This energy source powers physical labor and artsy endeavors – allowing me to complete huge amounts of tasks for long periods without ever tiring out. 

The engine dies every night and is pumped full of life again at dawn. As long as the engine gets a good amount of activity for burning off its energy during the day, it’ll be less restless at night – which means you might get much more sleep. 

This can also affect your Generator’s power since it’s been working so hard all day to keep everything running smoothly. As for what kind of jobs you should take, that’s up to you; but make sure they’re worth it!

  • Manifesting Generators

The Manifesting Generator- much like the Generator- features a powerful sacral motor that provides consistent daily energy. 

This sustainable power allows us to create and accomplish anything, whether through physical labor or creativity, made possible by the consistency and duration of said production. Unlike generators, Manifesting Generators feature an intricately designed head section called the throat. 

What makes this head different than a standard generator? All due thanks to its motorized design! The throat area consists of designed channels for energy flow from one of four great primal motors at each cardinal point worldwide. 

There are four motor centers: the Sacral, the Will, the Solar Plexus, and the root. Motorized throat system invigorates creative life force. It also adds a degree of speed to the energy. 

Some Manifesting Generators are quick to act and respond; they can’t stand boredom but will only do so much unless something is happening around them. 

Their Manifesting energy is sometimes pushy; it makes them think that they’re coming up with new ideas when it’s just pushing them forward because they need stimulation throughout their days.

  • Projectors

The Projector’s purpose is to share knowledge and insights about past experiences with the world, much like an overhead projector. 

However, unlike an overhead projector, they need less energy because they don’t have Sacral Chakra, so they cannot stay focused for long periods. 

When needed, they must take breaks from their work or else they will feel drained. For optimum work conditions, the Projector can set their hours, as they may wish to sleep and rest or take a power nap as they feel needed during the day.

  • Reflectors

The Reflector is a mirror of the energies and actions of society. It is without a center, but it amplifies and reflects all energy directed at it – they are crystals capable of capturing light from any angle. 

Reflectors can be very sensitive to their surroundings. Reflectors do not provide sustainable energy sources for themselves. 

Due to their open nature, reflectors are significantly influenced by the energetic gates created by celestial cycles such as the moon.

Why should you know your energy? 

So why should you know your energy? Well, our auras inform all aspects of who we are – from what careers suit us and how we work out best to how we communicate with others socially. 

So, if nothing else, auras can help us better understand ourselves and the people around us. Imagine it as another spiritual tool in your belt next to Human Design or astrology. 

By looking honestly at what kind of aura you’re projecting to others, you’ll have more opportunities to show your true colors.

How can you begin to use your energy to create a life and business in alignment?

When you’re in energetic alignment, you’re fully present and in touch with who you are, how your body feels, what emotions come up for you, and what thoughts arise. 

In this space of awareness, it becomes clear that there is no other option but to be at one with yourself; nothing can compare to the thrill of being true to yourself.

When aligned, you feel confident expressing who you are without fear or hesitation. You tap into your wisdom and know it is your destiny to share what makes you unique.

When you’re in energetic alignment, creating a high-vibrational life for yourself becomes easier. You’ll start telling yourself stories that enable you to acknowledge your power and privilege.

You don’t need to fake it or go through the motions of being happy because this will only make you miserable. 

Happiness is not just a state of mind; it is an experience that comes deep within your own heart. You’re happy when you live life as you are and do what makes you genuinely happy – no matter how hard it may seem.

It takes work and perseverance to stay in alignment – every single day. Along with a will to heal oneself, an open mind for expansion of one’s being, some self-compassion, patience, trust in the unknown, and pure intentions.

Where are you in your human design experiment and journey?

By reading this blog, you have taken the first step in understanding your energy. By now, you should better understand how different energies play an important role in your life. 

We’re always looking for ways to make life more enjoyable, spiritual, or fun. 

Discovering your energy aura can be a fascinating and empowering experience! You also know that each energy type can be more easily tapped into when it is on its corresponding side (or balancing meridian) in your body. 

Reading your energy aura lets you understand how you energetically interact with others. This can help you understand how people see you and what they perceive when interacting with you. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Energy Reading today and know your energy type and much more!