Human Design Reading

Human Design is a system that can help you better understand how your body and mind work best and how to harmonize with others to manifest through life.

The rewards from living out your true self are worth the time spent researching who you are and what drives you. The insights found through studying your chart offer a new perspective about yourself and how you can optimize different areas of your life and business.

What is covered in this reading:

  • Your energy type and the main sources of where your energy comes from.
  • How you are designed to use your energy the best.
  • How you are designed to create opportunities.
  • Your style of decision making & approach to life.
  • Ways you are here to value yourself.
  • Your effective communication style.
  • Your working style & energetic capacity.
  • How you are designed to experience emotions.
  • How you can work with your intuition.


All prices are in CAD
Human Design Reading $444


Strategy Session $222
Aligned Manifestation Guide $44

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