There are endless benefits to using human design to help guide your business and brand. The key is to not just consume the information in your chart and body graph but to begin your experiment. We benefit most from this system when we apply the information. Here are some ways I use human design in business.

Being a Manifesting Generator

Has allowed me to accept and honour the truth that I am not here to tightly ‘niche down’ and fit into any boxes.

  • Variety is my superpower!
  • Pivoting is my dance!
  • Multi-passionate is my definition!

Simply Put: ‘I’m Jess & I offer many things!’

As a pure MG I allow excitement to lead the way in my offers, find passion in the creative process and move very quickly. Business gets to be fun and I allow it to be.

With a strategy to respond

I have learnt that forcing and hustling after business ideas and goals only leads to my sacral burning out and puts me up against a wall of frustration.

In business, it’s important that I go about creating, exploring and sharing about the many things I love . By doing so I draw people, things, and opportunities to my enveloping aura thus giving me something to respond to.

This is still a big part of my HD experiment. But the more I practice patience, the more satisfaction is felt.

My mantra: ‘I do not chase, I attract’.

+ Sacral Authority

Meaning, my aligned decision making comes from listening to my gut feelings on things.

The gut-brain connection is real and leaning into all the sensations to ensure I am making correct decisions has been a journey of it’s own.

To be honest, this has been the hardest thing to implement for two reasons;

  1. Like most, I have been conditioned to let logic lead the way.
  2. The sacral is really fast, so if I’m not tuned in I will miss what my body is trying to tell me.

Embodying her 1/3 Profile

As a conscious line 1, I understand that my active brain needs to be stimulated. I am here with a core value to find and establish strong foundations in my business. I am intentional about making time in my schedule for researching and continued learning.

As an unconscious line 3, I understand that I am here to be a pioneer and that ‘failing’ is totally a part of my process to mastery. The thing is, I don’t learn by you telling me anything, I have to experience it myself. Through trial and error I step into my depth and wisdom. These lived experienced are what I am here share with my mentoring clients!

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