Since I was a little girl I always had a fascination with astrology and horoscopes. Studying the sun signs of those around me has always been one of my love languages. Many years have been spent dissecting my own natal chart and being fascinated with that wheel house of information. However, when I came across human design two years ago it was like a natal chart on steroids. I was instantly drawn in. I had to know everything about this system. My love for the wisdom that lives in the stars and the essence of our individual energy has taken me on a radical journey.

I dove into the human design system head fist and I haven’t stopped exploring the depth of this wisdom since. You’ll learn soon that diving deep into information is in fact one of my super powers.

Honouring a journey of getting to know ourselves strengthens the most important relationship we will ever have in our lifetime. Since learning and experimenting with living my human design I have reached a radical state of self-acceptance.

Before we proceed: Are you new to human design?

If you are new to human design I’d recommend that you read this blog post [HERE] and then come back to this blog post to read my personal story. (You can also grab your free human design chart [HERE] if you don’t have yours already.)

Uncovering my own human design has given me strategies that have been transformational in so many areas of my life.

Ok, let’s get into it. Here is a quick glance of my human design chart and body graph.

There is so much to unpack and a ton to consider when you start to uncover all the areas. Sharing about ever single aspect of my own chart and human design experiment could quite literally be a novel. Today I will focus on the core of my design. These main areas have had a big impact on my life, and where I think everyone needs to start.

My Type, Aura and Strategy

Because I have a direct sacral to throat connection (channel 34-20) my energy type is a pure Manifesting Generator. My defined sacral honours the generator qualities in me. Where as my defined throat honours the Manifestor qualities that also live within me.

Side note, if you are a fellow manifesting generator; it’s important to note that you are not here to be put into a box of just a ‘generator’. I see this happening a lot in the online space and it is simply not correct. As someone who is incredibly thorough in both my investigations and experimental nature (more on that to come later) I want you to know that is outdated information. Our energy type is much more complicated and our experiment should be tailored with the truth of this.

Depending on the channels you have defined in your body graph and the circuitry in your design you may resonate more with the Manifestor literature or more with Generator literature. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to review both.

As a manifesting generator I am a hybrid blend, so my strategy requires a three part process;

  • Step one – Respond: When I am living and embracing my design, my natural aura (the electromagnetic field surrounding my body) acts as a powerful magnet, pulling things towards me to get my attention. This will require me to respond with a yes or no. I’ve learnt that a ‘no’ is just as much a powerful response as a ‘yes’.
  • Step two – Inform: Once I honour a yes response, I need to activate the power of my response by informing those who will be affected by whatever I am responding to. This gives my response the power to manifest, as the throat center is known as the manifestation center.
  • Step three – Initiate: Once I have activated my throat center to inform I rely on my sacral energy to leap into action and move towards the thing I am responding to.

Once in action, my energy moves incredibly fast. Knowing this has allowed me to accept that I’ll miss things.

Manifesting generators are the fastest energy type, are here to thrive as a multitasker and naturally see the shortcuts. This holds true for all areas of my life, from house work to business tasks, creative ideas and even relationships move at a fast pace for me. Because I do move at a sonic the hedge hog speed, I can forget things and make mistakes. I’ve learnt to accept that sometimes I have spelling errors in my writing and that skipping steps is actually part of my energetic gift.

As a manifesting generator my strategy is to live in the self theme of satisfaction and peace, and allow frustration and anger to be an indicator that I am not living in alignment. By tapping into my authority I am able to allow my body to guide me correctly.

In true manifesting generator form I have learnt that it’s not in my best interest to niche down when it comes to my personal brand. I offer up an array of magical opportunities to come into my aura, from photography opportunities, unique collaborations and mentoring that facilitates a journey of depth for others.

My Authority

Authority in human design refers to how each of us have been designed to make aligned decisions. It’s our body’s inner wisdom that innately knows what is right and what isn’t right for us.

My authority comes from my sacral – meaning I need to be really in tuned with my gut feelings. And to be honest, this has been the hardest thing for me to implement and the experimentation is ongoing with this area of living my human design. Sacral authority is fast so I have to really be paying attention to it’s quick response.

A ‘yes’ response from my sacral feels like;

  • butterflies in my belly
  • a pleasant ‘mmm’ type of response that vibrates from my throat
  • shaking my head with a yes response
  • blurting out a ‘yes’ (throat connection)
  • a physical pull forward of my whole body

A ‘no’ response from my sacral feels like;

  • a pit in my belly
  • a grunt type of sound that vibrates from my throat
  • shaking my head ‘no’
  • blurting out a ‘no’ (throat connection)
  • a physical pull away of my whole body

Manifesting generators are fast energetic beings already, and those of us with sacral authority have an intense fast reaction of knowing what is correct or incorrect for us. Because of this speed, I have found it extremely helpful implementing a rule of 3 when making aligned decisions. If I respond with a yes I will ask for it to appear three times before moving into the next stage of informing and initiating.

Truthfully, authority is a hard concept of human design to embody for many because we have all been so conditioned to think with our heads. When in fact we aren’t designed to make decisions with our minds. Keeping logic out of it and letting our bodies lead the way takes some serious practice. My biggest advice is to give yourself grace and keep with it.

My Profile

The gift of the profile is to inform us of the innate role we are each here to live out, as well as deepen our acceptance that we are all unique beings. Trying to be someone we are not is never met with anything other than our non-self theme making its appearance over and over again. Accepting who we are is a breath of fresh air we all deserve to breathe in.

Your profile in human design is calculated based on the position of your conscious and unconscious sun and earth in your chart. The first number in your profile is conscious, and the second number is unconscious. And depending on your energy type, your profile will be expressed differently.

I am a 1/3 profile. My profile has been one of the most eye opening and self accepting journeys I have ever embarked on. My conscious line 1 is a natural investigator who thrives in introspection and dives deep into research. Following my passions and learning about the things that interests me is my favourite way to spend a day. Where as my unconscious line 3 is a natural scientist who thrives in the abyss of adventure and needs experiences to learn what works and what doesn’t. Together these two numbers as known as someone who is the ‘establisher of truth and knowledge’. This couldn’t be more true for my life.

The library is one of my favourite places to be. Reading three books at one time is normal for me and spending endless hours learning something that interests me is one of my favourite things to do. But I crave to explore just as much as introvert. I’ve learnt that I need to have space in my schedule to research and learn, then emerge with knowledge to share and experiences to chat on.

In business I move quickly, learn a ton, drop what doesn’t work or resonate and have the most incredible resilience. Yes I fall often, but I always get back up. And with endless lessons and stories to share.

Interested in experimenting with your own human design?

My signature program: Accelerate in Alignment takes you through a self-study journey of learning and uncovering your own human design, and then building an aligned business with the intention to honour your energy. I invite you to explore the link below to learn more about the program and see if it is the right next step for you.