I used to hate marketing. Now, I teach it. So what changed?

For a long time, marketing made me feel gross. I hated the feeling that I was “tricking” my audience into purchasing and preying on their weaknesses. It just felt slimy, and I feared it made my audience think less of themselves.

As it turns out, I hated traditional marketing, the kind of marketing that focuses on the negative in order to make the sale. It wasn’t until I started practicing embodied marketing that I felt comfortable connecting with my audience and asking for sales.

This new form of marketing has helped me fall back in love with my business, connect more deeply with my audience, and increase my income tenfold.

What Is Embodied Marketing?

Embodied marketing is the practice of creating connections, telling stories, and speaking to the human experience to sell your product or service. It goes entirely against the old-school, manipulative marketing tactics we’re used to.

One of my favorite examples of old-school marketing is the razor industry. After decades of marketing only to men, the razor industry realized they had an untapped market of hairy individuals they could manipulate into buying their product: women! They pushed a narrative that body hair was gross and unsightly, and women flocked to the pharmacy in droves to buy razors. Nowadays, we’re still buying razors only because the industry convinced us we should.

And while this form of marketing is no doubt effective, I just don’t think it’s right. Ethical marketing should feel good for everyone involved. No manipulation. No scare tactics. Just connection and empowerment.

With embodied marketing, we focus on helping our audience make informed buying decisions, not “tricking” them into buying. We build relationships based on trust and authenticity, and we sell to serve. Simple as that!

What Are The Benefits of Embodied Marketing?

1. Better Clients

When you treat your clients better, they treat you better. The clients I’ve attracted with embodied marketing are more aligned, more invested in their own transformations, and overall wonderful to work with.

2. Better Vibes

I don’t know about you, but traditional marketing makes me feel bad. When I first started my business, I hated marketing because I felt like I was trying to trick people. But with embodied marketing, I feel great about the messages I share, the services I offer, and the transformations I help my clients make.

3. More Income

Embodied marketing works. It’s helped me scale my business in a way that I never could have accomplished with traditional marketing (at least not without losing myself along the way). And it’s helped my mentorship clients do the same!

How Do You Use Embodied Marketing?

These are the tenants I try to stick to in my marketing practices, and I also help my mentorship clients use them in their own businesses. Sometimes, they involve getting real and raw with your audience. It doesn’t always come easily, but I guide my clients into these practices and help them use embodied marketing in a way that feels right to them.

Interested in taking a more embodied approach to your marketing? I’d love to support you! Explore these tips for using embodied marketing, and then let’s chat about your business.

TIP 1: Put your soul into your business, not your ego.

Ego is the foundation of traditional marketing. My product is the best. I’m the best coach. You need me. When you let your ego into your business, you develop an unhealthy desire to be liked. (And when you aren’t liked, it’s gut-wrenching.)

Keep your ego out of it. Instead, put your soul into your business. If you’re a spiritual person, let that seep into your business. If you’re a high-intensity, energetic person, get energetic in your business. When new clients find your business, they should get a sense of you – caring and messy and unique as you are.

There’s a fine line between treating your business become an extension of who you are and letting your business determine your worth. I invite you to find a balance that makes you confident but not egocentric.

TIP 2: Honor your energy.

As a creative business owner, you are your greatest asset. Take care of yourself!

So many of my clients come to me exhausted, burnt out, and resenting their businesses. They got caught up in the hustle and forgot to nurture their own energy. It’s an easy trap to fall into and a difficult place to escape from.

I work with these clients on honoring their own energy and putting their needs first. That’s why you started your business, right? More time, more money, more freedom? If you’re not making decisions towards those goals every day, you’re bound to lose your sense of direction.

Honoring your energy in your business can look like:

  • creating boundaries between work and home
  • only offering services that you genuinely feel good doing
  • developing a daily work routine that energizes you

You can protect your energy in a million ways. If you’re struggling with overwhelm or burnout, I highly suggest we start here.

TIP 3: Vibe at your highest frequency.

Have you ever taken on a gig that didn’t feel entirely aligned? We’ve all been there. At the end of the day, it’s hard to pass up money, especially when you’re first starting out.

Unfortunately, when we take on work that doesn’t energize us, we lower our frequency. This affects all our work, not just our work for that one client.

But when you take on work that feels great, projects that energize you, and clients you vibe with, you produce better work. Plus, that kind of energy attracts like energy and like clients. (That’s attraction marketing at its finest!)

TIP 4: Create genuine connections.

Embodied marketing is all about connection.

This form of marketing works so well because it’s built on trust. In order for your audience to trust you, they have to get to know the real you. That means showing up as your true, messy self and getting real about why you do what you do. It’s not always easy, and it takes some getting used to, but I promise it makes connecting with your audience so much easier.

And when you get real with your audience, they’re more likely to get real with you! Whenever I share part of myself on social media, I get DM’s from people feeling the same way, seeking the same transformation, or straight up asking to work with me. People crave connection (we’re social creatures, after all), so open yourself up to the energy your audience is dying to share with you.

TIP 5: Do what feels good.

At its core, embodied marketing is about doing what feels good for you and makes your audience feel good too. If you have a bad gut feeling about a business decision, don’t do it. Tap into your intuition and let it guide you in the right direction.

When it comes to your audience, focus on…

  • Providing real value. Ask yourself every day if your content is genuinely helpful to your audience. Don’t get caught up in “posting for the sake of posting.” I tell my mentorship clients it’s better to share one meaningful posts per week than five that just add to the noise.
  • Empowering, not belittling. Does your audience know you’re on their team? They should! In embodied marketing, the goal is to lift up your audience, not knock them down. Not only does it make them feel better, but it will also feel a lot better on your end. (No more slimy sales tactics!)
  • Attracting the right people. Your services and your brand aren’t for everyone, and that’s a good thing! When you focus on marketing to the people who both need your services and vibe well with you, marketing starts to feel a lot better.

I’d never trust someone who knocked me down with my money or my time. Your audience is the same.

Do you use embodied marketing?

Embodied marketing has completely transformed the way I do business, and it’s done the same for all of my mentorship clients. When you realign your business and do what feels good, you love your work more (and get more of it!).

If you’d like to transform your strategy, reclaim your energy, and shake that icky, sales-y feeling out of your business, I’d love to mentor you!