If you’ve come across my work online you’ll see a reoccurring theme in my message. The way  I LOVE to mentor is to preach and live by constructing a reality in alignment with who you truly are. And in this way you’re able to align and grow an authentic business.

Through aligned intentions and strategies, we’re able to magnetically attract more abundance, success and self-love into our lives.

The first step to ensuring you’re operating in alignment is to peel back the layers of who you are and dive into a journey of self-discovery. And trust me when I say I’ve spent many years discovering myself.

I’ve done it all…

Myers Briggs 


Western astrology


Energy healing…

While each of these systems have given me something. My self-discovery journey reached a new awakening with a remarkable system that I want to share with you today. 

The power of my own Human Design (HD)!  

This system has helped me align my offers, make hiring decisions in my business and given me the space to fall more in love with my natural abilities, personality traits and innate flaws. 

By opening myself up to this profound way of self-discovery I’ve received the information I need to flourish. This system has given me what I need to thrive, how to heal and started me along the path of living in accordance with my truth.

This is what it means to be in alignment. And I want to help you accomplish the same so you too can grow an authentic business.

This is why I’ve dedicated so much time to learning all about HD and become an HD reader. I truly believe this is an offering that goes hand in hand with what I want to accomplish as your mentor. 

But before I share how I have decided to bring this into my offers, let’s cover some basics.

What is Human Design? 

HD offers you a map of how you’ve been uniquely and genetically designed consciously and unconsciously based on your birth information. 

This insightful tool takes information from the time, date and location of your birth and offers you practical, empowering and transformational information to allow you to live and operate in accordance with how you’ve been designed to thrive. 

HD is a master system of unique information that combines Chinese i-ching, Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakras, quantum physics, genetics and so much more! 

This system is a love affair of science and spirituality!

Here’s where you can get your own chart: www.myhumandesign.com  & https://www.geneticmatrix.com/

What you need to pay most attention to in your chart

There’s so much detail to be found in your design including:

  • Your energy type
  • How to respond to life and opportunities
  • The best way to make decisions and operate
  • Your strongest sense
  • The best environment for you
  • Your life purpose
  • PLUS so so so much more! 

Looking at your chart might feel overwhelming initially. But here are my top 3 suggestions on what to focus on first – so you can learn how best to grow an authentic business.

So let’s get started….

1. Type & Strategy

There are five energy types in the HD system. Generator, Manifesting Generator (hello, that’s me!), Manifestor, Projector and Reflector. 

Each type plays a role in our society and not one is better than the other. 

The purpose of your energy type defines what your core energy strategy is and allows you to experience external signs and opportunities.

Here is a quick breakdown of each type and its strategy… 


Open and enveloping, these people are here to get things done! 

The biggest challenge is being patient with seeing results. Pay attention to what is frustrating you and take the opportunity to learn from it, pivot from it and reassess what you’re doing. 

Feeling satisfaction will be a clear indicator that you are on the right track. 


Closed and repelling, independent with a powerful impact on society. 

The Manifestor is here to inform rather than relying on external signs. You’ll know you’re on the right track when things feel peaceful for you. Your not-self theme is anger. Keep in mind how you feel in situations and relationships and lean into relying on yourself for the signs. 

Manifesting Generator 

A hybrid of energy that lives between the generator and manifestor type – this is my type btw 😉

These people have the ability to speak things into their existence and have the energy to get it done! But your energy will come in bursts, so although you’re capable of getting a lot of shit done, and all at once – you need to ensure you’re making room for rest and recharging. 

MG’s bring a powerhouse juggling act and a new meaning to multi-tasking. Your strategy is to both inform and wait to respond and you will know you are on the right track when you feel satisfied and at peace.


An aura that is focused and absorbing, with a natural talent to recognize. 

Projectors are here to lead us while following their hearts at honing their unique interests. Your strategy is to simply exist and wait for the invitation. While your truest definition of success will come when work feels like play, so simply embody a ‘no pressure mentality’ and have fun exploring what lights you up. 

Your not-self theme is bitterness and you will literally be able to taste it in your mouth – pay attention to how you feel around people and situations.


An aura that is resilient and sampling, only making up 1% of the population. 

These beautiful lunar beings are a mirror that reflects the energy around them, and their energy works with the cycle of the moon. 

Reflectors are here to recognize when something is off or needs attention, this experience is magnified by compassion and empathy. Know you’re not here to take other people’s energy or to carry their burdens though. Instead, allow the feeling of disappointment to indicate when its time to leave a situation.

2. Authority

Your authority tells you how you’re designed to make decisions – spoiler alert, you’re not designed to make decisions from your brain.

There are seven authorities, the following are the three most common and most fall into three main buckets:

Emotional Authority – Listens to your feelings.

Sacral Authority  – Experiences a body response in your gut.

Splenic Authority – Has inner knowing that cannot be explained.

Others include;

Ego Authority – Listens to your own wants! 

Self-Projected Authority – The answers come from within. Participate in self dialogue rather than outside influences.

Mental / Environmental Authority – Interacting with the energy of what you’re trying to make a decision about is essential.

Lunar Authority – Also known as not having an authority – let life present you with the answers.

3. Profile 

Your profile is your archetype. This is how you’ve been designed to interact with others and the world.

While you may share personality characteristics with others who have the same ‘type’ as you, your profile is what sets you apart and takes you on a different path in life. Your profile provides information regarding your personality, your life purpose as well as the role you play in society.

There are 6 different profile numbers, and each of our profiles consists of two numbers that come from the position of the sun in your chart. 

The first number is your conscious way of interacting (how you see yourself) and the second is an unconscious way of experiencing life (how others see you).  

Combining these lines together, make up 12 different profiles. Your profile will include two of these numbers;

Line 1 – The investigator 

You’re a curator of information. You’ll often be found with your head buried in a book or lose track of time in a google search hole. 

Line 2 – The Hermit 

You need alone time, especially when it comes to processing information. You can often get lost in whatever you are studying or loving. 

Line 3 – The Scientist 

Experimentation is your superpower, you don’t accept failure as the outcome. You get back up and keep trying until it works. You learn in the abyss of curiosity and trial and error. 

Line 4 – The Opportunist 

You thrive when you have a network and strong collaboration. You’re the person who ‘always knows someone’. 

Line 5 – The Teacher 

You’re here to teach us what you have experienced.

Line 6 – The Role Model 

In a nutshell, you’re here to participate in things you find meaningful.

When you spend time learning and uncovering these three areas in your chart, plus begin living in accordance with them – this will change everything for you! 

Once you set a strong foundation of alignment, you can dive deeper into everything else and also begin to grow an authentic business you’ll love!

We’re all a part of this giant cosmic energy field! And when we can begin to work with our own unique connection to this universe things can really happen for us!

When you can peel back the curtain on this information it’s a powerful tool…

Phew! That was a ton of information. And it’s literally only the tip of the iceberg. 

If you’re interested in how your human design can help you to set up and grow an authentic business I am so excited to support you in taking a deep dive into reading your unique chart and providing you with insight, and tips to get you and your business in alignment. 

I’ve made an addition to my 1:1 mentoring container by adding a deep dive HD chart reading as a transformation gift to all my mentoring clients (please note I’m only offering human design readings to mentoring clients at this time).

Because once we have this valuable information, we can take a look at your business as a whole and see areas for improvement so very clearly. – This is truly a game changer for business growth!

So – Do you want to stop running your business in a cookie-cutter way and truly become an energetic match to all you desire? If so, hit the button to explore this new 1:1 mentorship opportunity and begin to grow an authentic business you love!

As you’ve got to the end of this post I want to share with you a little peek at my unique human design… To me this is fun information to share!

Plus indicating the kind of mentor I (quite literally) am designed to be.

Im a 1/3 profile, pure manifesting generatorI love many things and have a true multi-passionate heart. I am here to wear many hats and to experience many things. (This alone was so solidifying when I dove into learning about my human design – because up until that point, I always wondered why I needed to do so many things all at once.) 

I often get lost in my specialized interests and love learning new things. You can find me reading at least two books at any given time, one just doesn’t hold my interest long enough. And chances are I am always taking some sort of course, personalized mentoring myself or continued education program. I don’t just seek to gain the knowledge, but feel compelled to acquire the training and certifications to accompany it as well. Again, this is just who I am and I have learnt to accept that I need a strong foundation in order to feel secure in what I am offering. 

I appreciate my solitude and inward focus and always seek to understand how things are affecting me. I thrive in a space of experimentation and love to discover how to simplify things, and get things done faster. 

Human design uncovered a truly special way that I have embraced in my direction in becoming a creative business mentor! 

As a ⅓ profile, I am by definition ‘the establisher of knowledge and truth’… so as you can imagine, I have learnt a ton in the last twelve years of creative entrepreneurship. This has equipped me with an overflowing toolbox to help my clients build a thriving online business. These strategies, insights and frameworks have been tried and tested and I get excited every time I am able to share them.

Rest assured, if I don’t have the answers my clients are needing, I seek the answers with excitement to investigate and won’t stop until I reach a definite answer. Because above all else, the services, transformations and support I offer are based on facts, not wishful thinking.

I hope that helps in giving a little insight into who I am, how I can best serve you and how as your Creative Business Mentor I can help you to grow an authentic business.