I remember daydreaming about following my dreams. I’d look at all these wildly successful people and think that I couldn’t do what they do. It was different for them, they don’t have to deal with x, y, z… I had no idea what the path to success looked like?

But the idea of being widely successful felt out of reach for me. And I’m not surprised if maybe you feel the same way.

But I’m here to tell you that no matter your background, current circumstances or mental conditioning – you deserve to do whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

That’s why I want to share my story with you today so you can start forging your own path to success.

Because, believe me, my story wasn’t some nice straight line on an upward trajectory, it’s come with many ups and downs because, that’s life, my friend.

Every up made me grateful and every down taught me a valuable lesson.

But I digress, let me share the coles notes of my own path to success…

I was the small-town girl always with her head in the clouds. Constantly thinking of all the things I might be one day, how I could make a difference. Do something bigger and better than my current surroundings. 

But imposter syndrome always got the better of me.

I’d start thinking, wait a minute, who am I to dream so big, who am I to think I deserve so much – I’m it paints a familiar picture.

So I ‘decided’ to take the path of least resistance. I kept my head down, worked hard, got good grades, and was neither exceptional nor subpar. Just perfectly OK.

I checked all the boxes for my teachers and my family. But it never felt like quite enough for me.

I spent six solid years working 2 full-time jobs (seven days a week, no breaks). And you guessed it – what followed that tiring schedule landed me feeling unfulfilled and reaching a scary state of burn out. 

Anxiety and depression took centre stage at that moment in my life. I knew I was meant for something more. I just needed the courage to find out what that was.

So I took the plunge. I quit one job and went down to part-time at the other, emptied my savings and put everything I had into becoming a photographer and running a successful creative business. Turns out my dreamers mentality had never really left me.

Now, this step wasn’t as easy as I made it sound in that sentence. I’ve always been a girl that hates to gamble with a serious negative money mindset to overcome. But still, I did it. Now I look back and think I’ve always been divinely guided by the universe to follow my dreams.

I was here, I was doing it. I was creating my life on my own terms.

Except I wasn’t quite nailing it as I would have liked. I’m a well-known perfectionist and like many perfectionists out there I’ve often stood in my own way, craving perfection in a totally imperfect world. 

I felt like my work needed to be better, I needed to work harder, make more money, have a bigger impact. The need to be better consumed me.

But what that hardship taught me over and over again was not my limitations but my capabilities. As I continued to push harder, hone my craft and overcome challenges along the way my resilience proved itself.

Now I know the purpose of my journey was to equip me with the tools and mastered mindset I need to inspire and mentor other artists to step into their infinite potential.

The journey to mentorship was (unsurprisingly) not a straightforward one for me. I have always identified with being introverted and wasn’t sure how that could translate into a leadership role.

But my subconscious kept on at me. And soon the whisper became a shout and then I knew without a doubt that I was being guided to dive into this work.

I believe I was put here on this planet to live in harmony with my creative expression + inspire other artists to step into their infinite potential.

My unwavering belief is that so many creative entrepreneurs in this world need deeper self awareness to allow them to bravely carve their own path in this world. 

But not just self-awareness but an action plan to confidently claim their own path to success.

And that’s exactly what I help you gain during your human design reading.

Book your Human Design Report today to start building the business of your dreams and walking your own path to success.