That one size fits all strategy that this online space often feeds us won’t work! (Trust me, I’ve tried) Your success requires something only you possess, and your journey is going to require you to bring forth the right strategies to truly embody who you have come here to be. Taking yourself on a personal Human Design Experiment helps you do just that!

But how can one be truly authentic without knowing who they are? To that I ask you to ponder.

Personally speaking, I have been obsessed with getting to know myself deeper for as long as I can remember. Venturing into the abyss of all things Astrology, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Dharma Archetypes, The Chakra System, Ayurveda, Gene Keys, and beyond. But nothing has quite hit my heart and welcomed me home like the human design system.

I have found peace and self-acceptance in venturing the magnitude of my own body graph. Which has settled me into knowing and accepting that I am undoubtedly here on a sacred mission. I know now (without any shadow of a doubt) that my soul has always guided me right, on a personal quest to bring self-mastery into my existence so I may light the way for others to journey themselves also.

I am here to be a trusted mentor, to intuitively speak my truth, to inspire and to lead the way in helping others reclaim their power.

This next evolution of who I am becoming is about spreading awareness and being an empowering guide in welcoming others onto this path of cracking open their truth. And to that I feel great honour.

Why human design?

Simply put: It’s the system that resonates with me and has grabbed a hold of my heart like no other. The universe has guided me here, no doubt about it.

Like myself, it’s beautifully complex and asks not that you judge it at first glance but that you take the time to journey with it. It’s not that you simply know the information but that you embody it. An experiment of reaching your highest expression.

Human design is not just a self-assessment tool, its many modalities woven into one all-encompassing gift. Bringing together energetics and wisdom from ancient systems that are backed by science.

  • Self-knowledge moves you forward.
  • Knowing yourself gives you the unspoken permission to accept that you have come here with gifts.
  • And for what it’s worth, the world needs you to come alive.

I’m on a sacred mission to help you do just that.

If you are ready, we begin our three-month journey October 1st.

Inquire Within.