Have you ever felt like you were ‘forcing it’ in your business? Like you just weren’t built for the constant hustle and number crunching? If so, you need to embody with your feminine energy in your business.

We all hold both masculine and feminine energy within us, and in order to build a sustainable, aligned business, you have to tap into both. When you do, you’ll find yourself more energized, more aligned, and more in love with your business.

Feminine vs. Masculine Energy

First and foremost, feminine and masculine energy have nothing to do with gender or sex. Whether you’re a man, a woman, or nonbinary, you hold both masculine and feminine energy inside you. To create a truly aligned business, you have to tap into both types.

Masculine energy is characterized by…

  • Analytical thinking
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Logic and knowledge
  • A focus on strategy and results

On the other hand, feminine energy is characterized by…

  • Creativity
  • Gentleness and ease
  • Connection
  • Emotion and love
  • Slow, sustainable growth

You’ve probably met people who favor one type. Your super organized friend whose entire life exists in Excel spreadsheets leans more towards their masculine energy, while your artistic friend who gives amazing relationship advice leans more towards the feminine. Neither are superior, they’re just different.

Finding Balance in Your Business

Unfortunately, many of us do lean too heavily into our masculine energy when it comes to our businesses. Society – and more specifically ‘hustle culture’ – glamorizes the masculine side of entrepreneurship. We’re encouraged to hustle hard, grow quickly, and focus on analytics and strategy. We’re taught that a ‘fun’ business won’t last.

While masculine energy is absolutely necessary for success, a business built solely on masculine energy isn’t sustainable. Feminine energy is the root of new ideas, human connection with your clients, and a stable work-life balance. Without honoring your feminine energy, you risk physical and energetic burnout.

When you do honor your feminine energy, you can create a model that’s both easy and successful. Instead of the cycle of hustle and burnout, you can settle into a more gentle energetic flow that allows you to grow at your own pace.

In my experiences, these are the businesses that are built to last. They make money, but they also allow their owners the freedom to experiment and create. As an entrepreneur, you will always have to weather stressful seasons, but an aligned business makes those times much more manageable.

Using Both Types of Energy in Your Business

A balanced business honors both your feminine and masculine energy. Unfortunately, the two don’t always play nice. That’s why I’ve designed my work schedule with my energy in mind.

My Feminine/Masculine Energy Schedule

In my years of business, I’ve realized that switching between feminine and masculine energy is draining for me. Plus, it’s inefficient! I focus much better when I can stay in my energy and follow the flow.

That’s why I break my workweek into feminine and masculine days. Here’s how it works:

  1. I divide my tasks for the week into two columns: feminine and masculine. Feminine tasks are creative, like taking photos or brainstorming new ideas. Masculine are more analytical, like managing my business finances or reviewing my analytics.
  2. Then, I split my week into A and B days. A days are for tasks that require feminine energy, and B days are for tasks that require masculine energy.

By devoting different days to different energies, I minimize the need to switch between them. On feminine days, I can chill out and tune into my creative energy. On masculine days, I can put the pedal to the metal and crank out the less ‘fun’ work.

How to Craft Your Schedule

Ready to honor your energy in your business? Here’s how to create your own schedule:

  1. List all your business tasks. Don’t worry about classifying any of them yet. Just get every single to-do list item into one list. Be sure to include both the tasks you currently do and the tasks you wish you had more energy for, like brainstorming new business ideas or creating new products.
  2. Divide your tasks into feminine vs. masculine. Tasks that require hardcore focus and analytical thinking go into the masculine column. Tasks that are more creative and free-flowing go into the feminine column.
  3. Schedule your days. Break your workweek into A and B days. Personally, I like to start my week with feminine energy days, but you might find you prefer to get the analytical work out of the way. Trust your energy!
  4. Allow for adjustments. There will be days you wake up and just don’t have the right energy for your feminine tasks (and vice versa). That’s okay! It’s more efficient and energetically aligned to honor that feeling and rearrange your schedule accordingly.

Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll start to see and feel the benefits. Not only does your feminine energy help you create a better work-life balance and avoid burnout, but it also makes a major difference in your income. Your masculine energy may play a role in converting your dream clients, but feminine energy is what helps you make the connection and build a relationship with them.

Attract the Right Clients With Your Feminine Energy

Your audience can tell when you’re honoring your energy (or when you’re forcing it). By embodying your feminine energy and tapping into your creative side, you’ll attract clients who share your creative side and absolutely love the work your feminine energy creates.

The best part? You don’t have to force your energy to attract more dream clients. It’s entirely possible to build a business and life you love without falling into the trap of hustle culture. Click below to learn more about my signature program. A program that teaches you how to read your own human design and how to leverage your energy.