As a service-based entrepreneur, of course, you want to deliver excellent customer service to your clients every time

But the problem can lie in working out where to start…

When trying to decide if a specific venture is going to be worth it to you and your business there are two things you need to take into consideration:

  • How can this journey be profitable for you as the business owner?
  • How can you make this journey extraordinary so the client leaves as a raving fan?

Remember, without the customer, you would not be here. So everything that you do needs to be done with them in mind. If you want your customers to make it all the way along the journey from a lead to a return buyer mapping their journey is the way to do it.

But what is a customer journey?

A customer journey is a journey that your potential customers take when they start to interact with your business. Maybe they just started following you on social sites or they reached out to you for a quote for a specific service.

That’s the start of their journey.

As soon as someone starts to become aware of you their journey with you has begun, the next step is to make that journey as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Why you should map your customer journey…

By mapping the journey your potential customers might make helps you to understand their needs. What they want from you, how they will react to you, your socials and your website.

If you take the time to map the journey you can work out where the pain points might lie, what your customer actually wants from you and how you can turn them into returning customers.

I know it sounds pretty overwhelming – I mean how are you to know how they’re going to react to you – but this is where the importance of knowing your audience comes up… 

By knowing your audience and what it is they come to you for can massively help you to ensure their journey with you is going to be as smooth as silk…

Because if you don’t know the journey your clients wish to take with you how the hell are you going to get them to move to the next step?

The how-to bit…

Mapping your customer journey doesn’t have to be the headache you’re probably thinking it is right now… It can be as easy as the following three steps.

1. Understand your client’s goals

Remember, your clients are number one – always. There is little to no point creating a product if they don’t want or need it. It is in this sense their needs must go ahead of yours.

Think about what they might want to get out of this interaction with you…

What are you giving them they can’t get elsewhere?

If you don’t know then ask them – why do they come to you instead of someone else?

Then think about why you’re creating or offering this service. What do YOU want your clients to get out of what you’re offering and how will you make them take the next step to buy it?

2. Map out the touchpoints

Touchpoints are anytime a client or potential client comes into contact with your brand. Think of all the touchpoints before, during and after they have purchased a service or product from you.

From becoming aware of you on social media to actually following and engaging with you or any confirmation emails you may send.

All touchpoints…

There really are so many ways that you’re able to touch base with your potential customers these days.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and take this part of the journey with them. Work out all the ways you can reach them and then you can streamline it.

3. Visualize

Now, this is the important bit, create something where you can actually see their journey. These days customer journeys aren’t as linear as they used to be – thank you internet – so it’s important you can clearly see all the steps that your customers might take.

You don’t need to get overly techy here – unless that’s your jam – just as long as you understand it.

Many businesses might use an excel sheet, sticky notes on a wall or a fancy infographic. Just make sure it’s clear to you.

This is the time where you can create the journey you wish your customers to take and then actually put it into reality!

More than anything, your client journey should be about making meaningful connections with all your potential clients along the way. This way you’ll be the first person they think of when they do actually require your service or product.

Serve them up some good wholesome value along the way and exceed their expectations every step of the way and you’ll have a client for life! 

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