Ready to manifest abundance in your business? There’s more than one way to do it, but my favorite way to manifest abundance is by using human design.

Before you start manifesting your next client or a new income stream, you need to determine which type of manifestor you are. My favorite tool for this is human design. With human design, you can discover which type of manifestor you are, create an aligned plan for manifesting your goals, and speak your biggest dreams into reality.

Here’s how to manifest abundance using human design.

What Is Human Design?

Human design offers you a map of how you’ve been uniquely and genetically designed consciously and unconsciously based on your birth information.

Basically, it’s a tool for better understanding how you’re made and how to use your specific genetic makeup to your advantage. It blends science and spirituality to help you transform all areas of your life.

If you’re new to human design, click here to get your own chart. Then, click here to learn the basics of human design in business.

Specific vs. Nonspecific Manifestors

You already know that manifestation can help you turn your goals and dreams into your reality. But did you know that different people manifest differently?

Typically, we’re told than we need to be extremely specific when manifesting our goals. If you wanted to manifest more money in your business, you might say, “I will make $100,000 in revenue in my business in the next six months.” There’s a specific monetary goal, a type of goal (revenue, not profit), and a timeframe to accomplish it.

While it’s great to have a concrete plan, this type of manifesting just doesn’t work for everyone. There are actually two types of manifestors:

1. Specific Manifestors

These manifestors need to have all the details of their goal and speak them into the universe. They need a clear image of how they’re going to accomplish this goal, where the abundance will come from, and the timeframe for manifesting.

In business: “I will sign on three more coaching clients at $2000 each in the next two weeks.”

In life: “I will live in a four-bedroom blue house in Florida in the next two years.”

2. Nonspecific Manifestors

These manifestors don’t need all the details in order to manifest their goals. They can use more general dreams to call in what they want and need.

However, if they do try to manifest with all the details, they cut themselves off from abundance. They might try to manifest a blue house on the beach when they’d be happier in a yellow house in the mountains. By being too specific, they prevent themselves from calling in what they truly want.

In business: “I’ll make more money in my business this year than I did last year.”

In life: “I’ll be on my dream vacation in the next six months.”

How to Determine Your Manifestation Type

A human design chart with bottom right arrow circled. This is the arrow that determines how you can manifest abundance using human design.

So how can you tell which type of manifestor you are? Easy! It’s in your body graph!

After you’ve pulled your human design chart, reference the arrow on the bottom right side of the head. This arrow determines your perspective, and it can tell you which type of manifestor you are.

If your arrow points left…

… you have a more focused perspective. When you envision your future, you see all the details. This makes you a specific manifestor.

If your arrow points right…

… you have a more passive perspective. Your vision of the future is more general. You can see that you’ll be happier and more abundant, but you might not be able to see how it all falls into place. This makes you a nonspecific manifestor.

How to Manifest According to Your Type

Now that you know which type you are, it’s time to manifest. Here’s how to manifest your dreams according to your type.

If you’re a specific manifestor…

… get very specific about your goals, and speak every detail into existence. This means you should determine…

  1. What you want, down to the finest detail. How many clients do you want to sign? At which price? How much money do you want to make? Is that revenue, profit, or personal income. Get very specific.
  2. When you want it. What’s your timeline? The next week? Next six months? Five years? However quickly you want this abundance to come into your life, set a specific date for receiving it.
  3. How you want to get it. If you want to sign more clients, where will they find you? On Instagram? Through your podcast? Once they find you, what will convert them? Your personality? Your results? Again, the more details the better.

Once you’ve nailed down the details, speak them all into existence, and don’t settle for anything less.

If you’re a nonspecific manifestor…

… you should be more general with your goals. This doesn’t mean you should be less detailed in your vision, but more that you can give the universe a few options to choose from. For example, if you’re manifesting more abundance in your business, you can manifest a few options…

  1. More clients. More clients usually means more money. The universe could fill your calendar (and your bank account!).
  2. Higher-paying clients. Maybe you don’t increase your client numbers but instead increase their average investment. You could make just as much money this way without taking on more clients.
  3. Something else entirely. The universe may throw you a curveball, and as a nonspecific manifestor, you’ve got to roll with it! Accept a new idea, business opportunity, or income stream for what it is: a gift from the universe.

All of these options get you to the same general goal: more money. You just have to be open to the universe delivering that goal in whichever way works best.

Use Human Design to Manifest Abundance

Whether you’re manifesting abundance in your life, business, or both, your manifestor type can play a huge role in accomplishing your goals and speaking your dreams into reality.

If you want to manifest abundance with ease according to your type, check out my Manifestation Guide. This simple guide is perfect for anyone new to human design or manifesting, and it’ll give you step=by-step instructions for manifesting your dreams into existence. No more guesswork!