Personal development and self-care are my favorite things to talk about and implement in my life. All successful women entrepreneurs practice self-care because it’s crucial. I’ve been on a journey for two years that has led me to give myself the tools and habits I need to change my life and make me a better person, business owner, wife, and mother.

Today I’m giving you five daily habits that will make you a better and happier person.

  1. Journaling – Start with gratitude journaling. Acknowledge the power of the blessings in your life, the tiny ones, the big ones, and the silly ones. Just start journaling on them and giving them power through words. It’s a beautiful practice that gets you in tune with the good in your life, even on hard days.
  2. Meditation – Oh man, meditation is so important. Start your day with a five-minute meditation. Tune into your intentions, give yourself some affirmations, set a tone of your day, and then follow up in the evening with another five minutes of meditation. I’m only asking for 10 minutes of your day. In the evening, focus on relaxing your body and breathing. Let go of your daily stressors. Acknowledge the lessons that came that day and have gratitude for them.

    If you get into a habit of meditating twice a day, first thing in the morning, and again as you cool down from your day, you are going to notice a massive difference in your mindset. Find a cozy spot, sit with some calming music, and let it all melt away. Relax your body and focus on your breath.
  3. Self-Care – Treat yourself to that long, extra-long bath with the fancy bubble bath or essential oils. Buy that lotion you’ve been wanting. Do all of the things that pour love into yourself and your body. Treat yourself in some way every day.
  4. Read – Taking 20 minutes to read a few chapters every day is essential. It is time I take just for myself, to get lost in the pages, and allow somebody else’s voice and message into my brain. I love self-development books, nutrition books, and novels. I usually have one of each kind of on the go. Some days I’m in the mood to cuddle up and read a hopeless romantic story and others I want to feel energized by the power that comes from like reading a good self-development book. Reading every day is so important.
  5. Daily exercise and proper nutrition – These two go hand in hand. Move your body every single day, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk. Clean up your diet. No matter where you are in your health journey, or even if you’re not on one, the chemicals that release in your brain when you move your body will make you happier, more energized, and more confident. Cleaning up your diet and staying away from processed crap has so many benefits for your brain and your body.

These five daily habits will genuinely change your life and make you happier. Implement one practice at a time. Don’t try to revamp your entire life at once.

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