Human Design Reading

Human Design is a system that can help you better understand how your body and mind are designed and how to properly nourish and take care of yourself.

[ mind. body. spirit. ]

By giving ourselves what we require for proper nourishment we experience what it means to live a vibrant free life. And from this space of true self-love we begin to manifest and live our abundant life.

What is covered in this reading:

  • Your energy type and the main sources of where your energy comes from.
  • Things to consider about your environment.
  • How you are designed to use your energy.
  • How you are designed to create opportunities for yourself.
  • Your style of decision making & approach to life.
  • Ways you are here to value yourself.
  • Your effective communication style.
  • Your working style, cycles and energetic capacity.
  • How you are designed to experience emotions.
  • Ways you can work with your intuition.
  • Energetic Hygiene Routines and Practices.

Each reading includes a .pdf keepsake.


All prices are in CAD
Human Design Reading $333


Strategy Session $222
Aligned Manifestation Guide $44

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