The quantity and quality of our energy flow deeply affects our emotions, thoughts and reactions. The quality of our relationships, productivity, creativity and health all depend upon creating a high level of harmoniously flowing energy.

The following tips and habits will help raise your vibrations.

1. Clean Diet: Few of us realize the energetic effect our diet has on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. A clean diet ensures greater health, positive emotional energy, clear mental functioning, and spiritual attunement.

2. Take Vitamins & Supplements where needed: Uncover what your body is lacking and provide it with the necessary fuel. Consider consulting a naturopath before getting started.

3. Fasting: We can dramatically improve how we feel with clearing our bodies. If you are just beginning, start with a gentle daily fast and move to move advanced fasting.

4. Herbs: Some herbs can offer a boost which may give us the needed optimism we need to make internal changes.

5. Daily Physical Exercise: The body is a living machine and machines need to move. Moving your body will immediately raise your vibrations but it is also necessary for emotional and mental peace.

6. Breath work: Connecting to your breathing is one of the most effective ways to increase your energy level.

7. Intentional Relaxation: Taking time to intentionally slow down and bring your body to a relaxing state will contribute to a healthy nervous system.

8. Creative Self Expression: As humans we are creative beings. Our purpose on Earth is to create in some way. Creative self-expression is essential for our health, harmony and happiness.

9. Meaningful Activity: This is necessary for us to feel that our life is worth living. If we do not see what we are doing as meaningful, useful or helpful in some way, we lose our reason to exist, and our health and happiness gradually deteriorate.

10. Massage: Effective in relaxing the nervous system and reducing negativity.

It’s important for us to begin to witness ourselves with truth and confront ourselves with honesty.

11. Cleansing Baths & Showers: One simple method is to increase the number of showers or baths. Contact with water can be healing and calming. Clearing stagnant energy will raise your vibrations!

12. Emotional Release: This can help us release pent up emotions which undermine our health and energy level.

13. Choosing the right company: We are designed to be in community. Mindfully monitoring who we give our time and attention to matters. Take notice who is filling up your energy and who is constantly taking from you.

14. Spirituality: We have to honour our own personal relationship with the universe. It is important for our inner balance that we feel and cultivate a relationship with the energetics of nature and Spirit.

15. Self-Awareness: In order to understand ourselves, we have to understand our mechanisms. Addressing our personal needs, desires, fears, challenges, belief patterns and subconscious workings.

16. Mindset Practices: Reprogramming our subconscious with positive perceptions of our lives, ourselves, others, and the world is a simple yet incredibly effective way to raise your vibrations.

17. Unconditional Love: Showing this towards ourselves and others is the ultimate key to a high and harmonious energy flow.

Take what resonates with you, leave the rest. The main goal is to raise your vibrations and live a happy life. Above all else, it is important to simply begin to witness yourself. Assess what areas feel off in your life, or better put – low vibe. Is it your diet? Relationships? Your energy levels. Move to areas of your life that are calling out for your attention.

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