When someone stumbles upon human design, their first question usually always leads to ‘what is Human Design?’ Simply put, Human Design is a system of understanding human nature based on a holistic self-knowledge that incorporates astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra System. By offering an understanding of who you are and what you can become, it outlines how you can use your potential for growth and expansion to create your life with meaning, purpose and joy!

Human design is a master system that fuses both science and spirituality together. The HD system was channelled by Alan Robert Krakower (Ra Uru Hu) in the 80s and offers insight and clarity into an authentic way to express yourself. This energetic blueprint allows you to understand yourself and offers ways in which you can begin creating more happiness, success, and freedom in your life. As well as helping you guide your decisions and show you how to change direction if necessary. Future action plans can also be created, based on what would make your life more fulfilling in all areas, from personal to business. 

By using the Human Design Chart, or BodyGraph, you can see how energy flows within you, and how to harness that energy to be the best version of yourself! Once this new path has been identified, it becomes your new blueprint and the next step in the evolution of who you are. 

Each one of us is born as a blend of two key forces: our Instinctual Sub-Types (what we want) and our Strategy for Existence (how we go about getting it). 

What are the 5 Main Types of Human Design?

So what are the main instinctual types in Human Design? The flow of energy in your chart as well as the definition will indicate the first important piece to learning and living your design. You are one of the five types; Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. 

The Manifestor:

As a manifestor, you are someone who likes to create something new and make things happen. You are a catalyst for change, the person with all the ideas. Thriving off the energy of other types, you can find balance in your support systems.

The manifestor strategy is to initiate.

The Generator:

As a generator, you are here to deal with things that come into your environment. You don’t do anything until something enters your realm. After that, you react to it. Your strategy is to simply wait for the opportunity to respond. This is easier said than done, but once mastered, will significantly improve your life! You have access to consistent energy, make good use of it. 

The generator strategy is to respond.

The Manifesting Generator:

Having characteristics of both manifestors and generators, you make decisions based on your gut feelings. Similar to the generator – you need to wait to respond, but you also need to inform those around you. Remember to double-check with your gut before you take action so that you can ensure that it’s actually the right thing for you since you move quickly and taking action is part of your DNA.

The manifesting generator strategy is to respond and inform.

The Projector:

You have natural talents and gifts, but in order for them to be utilized, you must first wait for an invitation for your opportunities to be recognized. You are naturally talented so you can share a lot of knowledge if you are invited to do so. 

The projector strategy is to wait to be invited and recognized.

The Reflector:

You are a mirror for all of the energy that surrounds you, constantly absorbing and reflecting back to others who they are. You need to have complete clarity before making decisions, which generally takes a full lunar cycle (around 28 days). You’re introspective and need time to think. Make the most of your opportunity by taking it slow.

The reflector strategy is to gain clarity.

Understanding your Human Design type, strategy, and uniqueness will open doors you might otherwise never have thought possible, especially for your online business!

Ready to take an exciting journey into your own human design?