Your Energy Report

Let me be the first one to tell you — you deserve clarity and I’m here to help you understand yourself and confidently trust in your direction.

Areas of investigation & guaranteed information will include:

  • Your human design type, aura, and strategy to ensure you’re operating in high vibration
  • Your authority, so you can begin to effectively make decisions accurately
  • Insight on your human design profile & how to authentically navigate through the world as your most radiate self
  • The gifts found in your incarnation cross to support your life mission and embody your personal expression

This experience is about helping bring self-awareness to the table as you construct a business and life that excites you.

The flow of this experience; 

  • You’ll complete an intake form to allow me to gather your birth information to pull your unique human design chart
  • I’ll use my ‘investigating’ (Line 1 superpower) to prepare an in-depth human design report (PDF style) of all my findings  – this is an impactful written guide to continually support you as you return to it often
  • Please note: This is just a guide, but you have the option to add on a private zoom session where we can go deeper and bring clarity to any of your additional questions.

‘I recently had a human design reading with Jess and it blew me away. How detailed and intricate this all is was so amazing to see. Jess broke it down in such an easily digestible way that resonated on such a deep level. My reading brought me so much joy, conformation and understanding of pieces of my personality that have been faulted by society.

This reading will change the way I stand in my power.

I cannot thank Jess enough, I highly recommend doing a reading with Jess!’

– Sydney McGee


All prices are in CAD
PDF Report $111


Private Session (60min zoom call with me to discuss your design + how you can begin to leverage your gifts) $222
Aligned Manifestation Guide (Use your human design to unlock how you have been designed to manifest) $11.11

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