Business Clarity Session

If you’re suffering from overwhelm, confusion or anxiety then this quick business clarity session is going to be your saviour.

I’m sure you have so many ideas, hopes and desires for your creative online business But you just don’t know the next step to take.

Well, my friend, confusion has had you tied up for long enough. You deserve success and I’m here to help you unravel and get into alignment. 

This Business Clarity Session are perfect if… 

  • You’re unsure of all the steps you need to take and don’t know where to start
  • Feel like you can’t do everything on your own
  • Need customized support to grow your business online

By drawing on year’s of experience in the online market, I’ll lovingly guide you with effective strategies and give you the space needed to make the right decisions for you and your business.

These business clarity sessions are for any and all creative entrepreneurs who are in need of a safe space to dive deep and make some real transformative decisions.

How these Clarity Sessions for business work; 

  • You’ll get an intake form before our call to allow me to identify what areas we need to focus on during our session 
  • Over 90mins we’ll sit together focusing on your business and drawing up action plans to up-level 1-3 areas of your business
  • We’ll address any mindset blocks that inevitably come up 
  • Together we’ll experience so much darn magic that I can’t even find the words for you!

This is an investment worth its weight in gold. You’ll leave the session with a clear vision, renewed strategy for your business and feeling free from the weight of what’s been holding you back.

Right from the start Jess was easy to talk to and genuinely excited about helping me succeed in my business.” – Liz Czinge 

Pricing Options

All prices are in CAD
90min. $550


Website Audit $100
Instagram Account Audit $50

More Info

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  • What type of questions can I ask?

    Anything about growing your business or improving your mindset.

  • How do these sessions take place?

    We'll meet over on zoom.

  • How long are these sessions?

    Each of these sessions are 90 minutes - but make sure you give yourself some time after the call to digest and start making exciting new plans!

  • How many areas of my business will we focus on?

    During these clarity sessions we can focus on 1-2 areas of your business to ensure thorough attention and effort is given to truly move the needle towards success.

  • What can I choose to focus on?

    That is completely your choice. By asking yourself where you are struggling is paramount to choosing an area that we can help you improve upon. But to get you thinking... we can focus on: social media strategy, mapping out your client journey, strategizing your service suite and offerings, effective branding, online marketing, etc.

  • My question isn't here...

    You can always get me on to ask me anything!