Intuitive Reading & Guidance

intuitive session with Jessica Little

Interested in gaining clarity around a particular area in your life? During your intuitive session you will;

  • virtually sit with Jessica for 60mins
  • tap into her channel with the divine
  • & receive intuitive insight to empower you

To get the most out of our time together it’s best to have an intention for your session.

Energy Exchange:

$222.00 (CAD) is due at the time of reservation

[ no refunds on cancellations or no-shows ]

What To Expect During Your Intuitive Session:

  • You can expect to receive insights, clarity, shifts, emotional breakthroughs, actionable advice, and assistance through a journey of self-empowerment.
  • During our time together I may use a combination of my intuition, insight from an oracle or tarot deck, a pendulum, and your birth chart.
  • Interactive discussion is an important element to having a successful session. This is a safe place to explore together.

Disclaimer: An Intuitive Session DOES NOT replace medical advice or psychological therapy.