Astrology Reading

Your talents and gifts, the things that naturally make you happy and satisfied, your life purpose/life’s work, your motivations, challenges, life lessons, your emotional landscape, the way you behave in relationships and how they likely play out in your life, and so on… all of these things correlate to the astrology forecast at the time, location and date of when you were born.

Your birth chart is the story

of your life that was written

in the stars for you.

By looking at your chart we can see ways for you to better know and understand yourself, as well as sink into deeper acceptance of yourself and others. Knowing and honouring that we have all been uniquely created by the divine source. 

There’s also an option for personal predictions by following the current cosmic forecast and uncovering how the energy is transiting through your personal chart. Please note that I do not include intuitive predications during this recording, but you can always purchase a virtual session with me following this order by emailing me at **gift Certificates available

This information can have a very significant impact on you, your life, your relationships and your business. 

An Astrology Reading allows you to uncover the contract your soul made in this lifetime! When you crack the code on this, you get to experience living a life with less resistance, and more flow.

During this 60min astrology reading I will be reporting on;

  • Your Significant ‘Big Three’ [sun/moon/rising signs]
  • Money Opportunities You can Explore
  • Your guiding north star [your point of evolution in this lifetime]
  • Insight on both your Self Expression & Relationship Insight

Please note: There’s a lot you can uncover in someone’s birth chart and I couldn’t possibly cover every corner in one recording. But I do understand – clarifying questions will arise. With your order you also receive 1 week of support emails to address any of your follow up questions.

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“astrology is a language.
and when you understand this language,
the sky speaks to you.”