Astrology Reading

When you incarnating into this lifetime, your soul made a contract with the cosmos! This contract is intended to help your soul evolve in this lifetime. 

Your birth chart is the 

journey that was written

in the stars for you.

You will receive an intuitive 60min audio transmission covering

  • How you are meant to shine in the world
  • How you are meant to honour your emotional needs
  • How you are meant to authentically express yourself
  • Your personal Wealth & Abundant Potential – I will explore the good luck areas in your chart
  • Plus, I will transmit your karmic soul lessons and areas of personal surrender.

There’s also an option for personal predictions by following the current cosmic forecast and transits. This is advanced astrology readings that allows us to uncover the areas that are currently being played out in your life, and how they are effected you.

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Spiritual Healing Guide $22

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“astrology is a language.
and when you understand this language,
the sky speaks to you.”