Astrology Reading

Have you been feeling a bit lost lately? Unsure of what your life purpose is, or can’t quite figure out why things keep repeating in your life the way they do?

Or maybe you’re finding yourself at a fork in the road and not quite sure what your next move should be. You feel the exciting urges but you need a little extra guidance.

Astrology has a way of adding more meaning to your life. By reading your chart see opportunities for personal growth and soul evolution.

Here is where we find the magic… the potent connection in it all… with the universe, with the cosmic forces, spirit and the law of oneness. 

Your Astrology chart holds a gold mine of information. You just have to know where to look, and how to translate the information.

I love to intuitively lead these readings, but here are the things I love to explore and share with you;


  • Your Sun Sign Placement, and how you shine in the world
  • Your Natal Moon + Black Moon Lilith Sign Placements, and the kinds of things that nourish you
  • Money Opportunities – Good luck aspects in your chart, and any hard aspects that may require personal healing and transformation. 
  • Your North Node Sign and Placement, and your karma in this lifetime. This is where we find more of your gifts, and your highest expression. As well as your life lessons, emotional baggage and how to move into your soul’s purpose – your North Node.
  • Your Chiron Sign and Placement – so you can identify areas for self healing and growth.

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“astrology is a language.
and when you understand this language,
the sky speaks to you.”