Energy Readings & Guidance

Astrology is your life path, the journey of your soul contract! Where as human design is about your body mechanics and how you are designed to live a life in alignment with your purpose.

  • Astrology is the WHAT
  • Human Design is the HOW

When you understand astrology and human design, the sky begins to speak to you! And here is where we find the magic… the potent connection in it all… with the universe, with the cosmic forces and with YOUR UNIQUE PATH & PURPOSE!

Below are all the current readings that I offer:

Personal Astrology Reading

We begin to uncode the areas where you are intended to shine, your deeper emotional landscape, and the flavour of your authentic self expression! By venturing into the corners of your chart that honour your soul’s purpose and life’s work, we can see what areas of life are waiting for you to unlock your wealth and/or abundant potential. And by venturing into the areas of healing potential, we can see where you are likely holding yourself back and the inner work you are here to do.

Personal Human Design Reading

Journeying into your Human Design offers you a map into our energetic mechanical landscape! This information can help with setting up our life and business for optimal alignment. During this reading you will discover the gift of your aura, and the energetic mechanics of your nine energy centers and how we can use this information to optimize different areas of your life and business.