Astrology Reading

The thing I love most about Astrology is that it has a way of adding more magic and meaning to our lives. 

Astrology is the language of the cosmos & they have so much to tell us! 

Everyone has a unique chart, and I love to intuitively lead these Astrology readings. Allowing things to unfold organically, trusting in the divine guidance that what is delivered is what is needed.

As a guide post, here are the things I love to explore in someone’s astrology chart;

  • Your Life’s Work [ Sun Sign ]
  • Your wild feminine energy that needs to be honoured, expressed and where you have to face your shadow side. [ Black Moon Lilith ]
  • Your soul’s karma and dharma is in this lifetime. Meaning the direction you are intended to go, supportive environment, and soul purpose. [ North Node / South Node Axis ]
  • Career & Success [ Midheaven & Money Houses ]
  • Your love language. [ Natal Moon ]
  • Your Core Wound [ Chiron ]
  • Your communication style [ Mercury ]

If you have any questions, please reach out HERE.

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“astrology is a language.
and when you understand this language,
the sky speaks to you.”