I’m Jess Little! 

Thanks for stopping by – I’m wrapping you in the biggest virtual hug! Around here I love celebrating love of all kinds through my photography, while simultaneously teaching creatives how to push their mindset, art and business forward. I do this all with positivity and gratitude in my heart knowing I was born for this. 

My dream has always been so much bigger than being a girl with a fancy camera taking pretty pictures.

My journey as a documentary photographer began in 2010 and I’ve been obsessed with honing my creative craft ever since. Most people call me a photographer, but I prefer storyteller instead.

Being an entrepreneur and building this heartfelt company has truly changed my life. I am excited to hold the hands of struggling artists and guide them on a path of alignment and self defined freedom.


A photographer for life's dearest moments.

I believe that we are more than what we do and what we do isn't everything we are! As side from wrapping myself up in all things JLP, a big part of my life is spent seeking happiness in each day along side my husband, son and fur baby.

Some of my Everyday Non-Negotiables:

  • A slow morning with a hot coffee
  • Daily Meditation Practice
  • Time spent reading a good book
  • A vinyasa flow yoga practice
  • Walking in the fresh air with my dog
  • Unplugged family time with my son and husband
  • Journalling
  • Saying thank you and showing gratitude
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