Yet extremely introverted.⁠


Yet still hidden. ⁠

A funny, quirky, eccentric woman.⁠

While also, a serious, poetic contradiction.⁠

All me. ⁠

Expressed. ⁠

In human form.⁠

Showing the world just one side, isn’t self serving.⁠

Pretending I do not experience darkness isn’t correct. ⁠

Being all light and no darkness is lying.⁠


I’m Jess.⁠

Complex in all her glorious forms.⁠

A warrior on the battlefield of my own mind. ⁠

Empowered by my wounds.⁠

Knowing that none of this makes me wrong. ⁠

Or makes me unloving.⁠

No word is the full definition of who I am. ⁠

Because I am many things.⁠

And for the first time.⁠

I’m totally ok with it.⁠

~ Jess