Since I was a little girl I always had those internal nudges, experienced such intense feelings in my belly, and had information present itself to me out of nowhere. I spent years of my life connecting silently to this inner wisdom through journaling and reflective introspection. Trying to piece together exactly what this was, how to explain it and proving to myself that what my intuition was actually presenting me with was indeed correct. Turns out, it’s highly intelligent.

Too many years were spent trying to quiet this gift of mine, simply because I couldn’t explain it. Shrugging it off as more of a nuisance then embodying the rhythm of welcoming in as the intuitive power that I have been gifted. Thinking somehow, that people wouldn’t believe me or accept it. But as the years add to my life, this inner voice keeps getting louder, and asking for my attention. The unexplainable inner knowing that comes to me has proven to be right more than wrong.

Two years ago I was introduced to the human design system while participating in an online business program. Through uncovering and diving into my own human design and experimenting with embodying this divine system I have both accepted my intuitive gifts as well as been furthering developing them.

As it turns out – human design has shown me that my intuitive gifts are indeed a part of my zone of genius. This gift is something I am here to tap into and give to others.

So how exactly has human design helped me develop my intuitive gifts?

I wanted to share with you a few pieces of my own human design chart that has helped me in my journey of accepting that I do have intuitive gifts, and I have come here to honour them.

(Below is my human design chart for reference)

My defined spleen center

  • A defined spleen gives me consistent access to my intuition.
  • This center is extremely fast, in the moment, instinctive and a raw inner knowing.
  • By being present and observing what comes up (for myself, as well as in the presence of others) has allowed me to get in touch and honour my intuitive sensations.
  • The energy from the spleen can be referred to as claircognizance (an unexplainable inner knowing).

Gate 57

  • Gate 57 – the gate of Intuitive Insight, also known as the psychic gate. And it has extraordinary power of clarity and can penetrate to one’s core in the ‘now’.
  • This gate is known for being ‘the gate of the right ear’ – meaning some of my downloads can come in the way of clairaudience (hearing).
  • Unconsciously this is also my mars placement, which means this is my vocation (my zone of genius I am here to tap into in this lifetime). The gift I am here to give to others is in fact my intuition.

Channel 57-20

  • Referred to as the channel of the brainwave. Connecting gate 57 in the spleen to gate 20 in the throat centre.
  • This is where my gate 57 (intuitive insight) is given a voice.
  • Gate 20 (the gate of now) is about intuitively speaking in the present moment. Which ultimately means that the gift of this channel is activated when I am being fully present.
  • The more I speak the more I activate the energy of this channel.

My conscious sun gate 55

  • Our conscious sun gate in our human design chart is related to our life’s work.
  • Gate 55 is the gate of Spirit, which resides in the solar plexus. The energy of this gate can be referred to as clairsentience (a natural ability to recognize the energy of feelings).
  • With this gate as my conscious sun: I have a natural passion for faith, and love a highly spirited life.
  • My intuition is honoured through my faith and spiritual practices. I am in a co-creative relationship with spirit and consider myself a channel for the divine.

There is so much more to explore in terms of how human design has been helping me honour and develop my intuitive gifts, but this is a good part one to my self acceptance story.

Do you have any of these areas defined in your own human design chart?

Remember: Knowing your human design is a great way to bring awareness of your gifts into your life, but the real magic happens when you begin your experiment and embody it.

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