I don’t know about you but I became my own boss to love and enjoy my work every single day.

I’d had enough of working 2 full-time jobs around the clock for 6 -years – yes I was that crazy to have TWO really full-on full-time jobs – just to make ends meet.

And while you may not be as crazy as I was I bet you’re wanting to enjoy your work. Right? After all, it’s where you spend most of your waking life…

But even with the best intentions, the road from employee to business owner isn’t without its problems. It can be pretty easy to get caught up in the running of your business and lose the happiness and joy that your passion once brought.

If you’re sitting in that camp right now there are simple ways that you can get more happiness, fulfilment and harmony as a business owner. 

The big secret is to bring some spirituality into the rhythm of doing and being in business!

Here are a few ways I bring spirituality in my business:

1. Incorporate meditation and visualization into your day, every day

These practices can and should always be present in your workday. Take a minute to stop and breathe. Ensure you’re prioritizing breaks to sit with yourself. 

The more you can do this the better you will be at creating and prioritizing tasks that are truly aligned with your greater vision.

And, it’s an amazing way to gain perspective if you’ve just had a message, email or call that hasn’t quite gone the way you wanted it to.

2. Be Gracious

Giving is the gift that yields rewards for all – this is the law of attraction.

People are often afraid to give too much away for fear of losing out – this is the scarcity mindset – but it’s in giving that we truly receive all that we desire.

When we live in a scarcity mindset we’re fearful about losing out the more we give. And the more we do this the less we receive in return. However, when we are giving graciously we actually receive more in return than you might expect.

3. Be the highest expression of love

Take some time when faced with tough decisions to connect with your higher self.

The next time you’re feeling stuck and unsure of what to do, see yourself outside of your body and asking the question ‘what would my higher self do‘.

You might be surprised at how enlightened your answer is…

4. Be quick to forgive

Don’t hold on to grudges or regrets. This will only bring your vibrational energy down.

Instead use failures, mistakes and let downs as something to learn and grow from.

5. Lead with positivity

When we can stop the constant unfounded negative self-talk that goes on inside our heads and instead, push towards a path of positive thinking we can truly achieve more.

When we spend our time thinking about how unworthy and unable we are at something we’re never going to be able to achieve our goals.

But when we lead with positivity and remove negativity from our lives we can see our lives transform.

6. Be authentic

Don’t worry about conducting yourself how you THINK others want you to be. Instead, step into owning your truth and let your true self SHINE.

You do you!

If you’re ready to invite spirituality into your business today but aren’t sure where to start, head here to get your copy of my favorite Journal Prompts.