Do you know the direction you want your business to take? 

If you don’t – and I know many business owners that don’t – you’re definitely missing a trick.

Clarity on your future plans and your direction is something that you can’t afford to overlook.

Because without this clarity, you won’t know what results you’re supposed to be going after. You won’t be able to achieve and build. And you won’t be able to plan for the future – because you don’t know what that future looks like. 

Now for some, I know that thinking of the future is a daunting task. I’ve spoken with so many business owners that can’t effectively plan for their future. And do you know what the number one reason is?


Fear of failing – because if we’ve never gotten clear on what we want we can never really fail.

Fear of jinxing our dreams – because you know that whole law of attraction thing hasn’t worked for you so far so why will it work now.

And finally,

Fear of not actually being able to do it – we all know about our old friend imposter syndrome right?

But, clarity doesn’t have to be your enemy.

In fact, clarity should be your best friend. Because with it you can ensure you’re building a business you want and that you can be successful in doing it.

The legend that is Tony Robbins says it best: “the secret to success is – the science of achievement + the art of fulfilment

And you know what that means?

That in order to know that you have been successful, you have to know that you’ve actually completed something to the best of your ability.

By gaining clarity on the future of your business you can work out exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Giving you a big fat checkbox to add your tick to when you’ve completed it.

But how can you gain clarity?

Block out all the noise and give yourself some time to reflect deeply on your vision for your business. It’s during this time that you need to be asking the right questions such as…

  1. How do I define success?
  2. What is the purpose of the business I’m creating? 
  3. If I was living as my highest self – what would my reality look like?

Then once you’ve garnered some insight into the future you want it’s time to create a solid strategy and take some decisive action.

Now, this bit can be tough. But if you can tap into your intuition – you know the little voice that never lies to you – you’ll feel all over your body exactly what the right step is.

If you can’t quite hear the voice of your intuition or aren’t ready to put your entire trust in it then finding the right mentor can help you. 

With careful consideration of your current reality, you can brainstorm your next move. And sometimes by just talking out your ideas and your options with someone else, it’s actually easier to make the decisions yourself.

But if you aren’t quite ready to splash the cash or prefer to keep this kind of work in-house I have something that might just give you the right kind of kick you need.

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