Alignment is something I have taken the time to explore over the last couple of years. Consistently choosing actions that support this divine power have contributed to so much self satisfaction and inner happiness. I wanted to share all about alignment today because I want as many people to experience this fulfillment as well.

What does it mean to live in alignment?

In short, we are made up of two parts – our soul and our ego! Our soul is our truest self at our core, and our ego is just a tiny little part of our brain that thinks it’s us. Living in alignment means you are aware of the two and their differences.

Living an aligned life means you perfect the art of observation within your own thought patterns, feelings and actions. More than observation though, you begin to master the art of letting go. Be it jobs, relationships, things, feelings… you simply release what is no longer serving you. Thus celebrating and rejoicing in the present moments of life.

Lots of factors come into play that hold you back from truly moving down a path of soulful living. ~ How you witnessed your parents deal with problems and life in general as a child. And who you spent most of your time with. This kind of observation as you grew up instilled things into the wiring in your brain.

And I’m going to bet your ego had your back many times as you grew up – this was its way of protecting you, and that’s totally rad if you ask me. So don’t write off your ego just yet. There is good in it too.

Your soul and ego are the yin and yang of your life. Both equally necessary to evolve.

You need to feel the feelings of life – the good, the bad and the ugly. This all gives you time to breathe and love again. Remember; living within alignment is letting go of what no longer serves you so that you may move on to deeper soulful living. This means you need to take accountability in teaching yourself new glorious ways of coping and living with intent.

Are you building a business that is aligned with your true calling?

When you lean into your true calling and purpose because you are mentally alert therefore choosing more consciously – you are seeking to serve others from a very genuine place. Alignment as it comes to business is honouring your own unique gifts and putting them to good use.

When you live in alignment there’s no more worry about being stuck or unstuck – you simply know there’s a bigger meaning to it all.

How to realign …

Two ways to realign your life and explore alignment is through meditation and journaling. Self-exploration is a beautiful thing!  

  • Meditation – Focus on the things you can control, what you can be grateful for and you will kickstart this process of alignment.
  • Journalling – Increase clarity through exploring your thoughts on paper. Rewrite the narrative playing in your head and release whatever is holding you back. Soon your energy will shift to opportunity though patterns.

If you are interested in rewriting new stories in your head and replacing the comfortable instincts of how you respond to life you will start to create the life you really want.

Be kind, be patient, lean in.

It’s important to take note that life is not a race you run, it’s a path you constantly travel. So be kind to yourself when your ego presents itself and has a bit of an emotional outburst or tantrum, or when you get a little self-righteous – you’re human!

Once you begin to feel some inner peace settle in things in life and business begin to come together. It is within those moments that you will rejoice in the truth that your life is unfolding just right, and that you’re putting your energy where it should flow. After a commitment and time it will be effortless state of love – self-love!

Self-love is a big part of alignment because our soul purpose is to see and experience life through the lens of love. The giving and receiving of light in the world. Thus attracting more positive flow into our lives.

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