Okay, I’ll give it to you straight—there’s a few things I didn’t know when I was just getting started that I wish I did! When I think back to the wrong turns, aha moments, gigantic leaps, and challenges, I feel so thankful for my journey. At the same time, I see the value in speeding up that process by learning from someone else.

I’ll save you some time by letting you in on a solopreneur’s best-kept secrets. Consider this a quick lesson, entrepreneurship 101—just a taste of what you’ll experience when you choose to start a creative business on your own.

Master your emotions.

This one is big! You are in control of your emotions and your worth is not tied to the success of your business.

Embrace the sucky parts.

Your journey will come with tough times too. Just embrace the process because every challenge is a potential lesson.

Hard work wins every time!

If you’re doing something, you’re already ahead. Employ a hands-on approach as you build your business.

Look for free resources.

Sure, you can pay people (like me!) to help you improve your craft, but there’s a lot of free goodies on the internet to get started.

Be flexible for a paycheck.

Sometimes that means being willing to work another job while you build your client base. You’re not alone in this! So many creative business owners start with a side hustle before going full-time.

Be flexible with your rates.

Take opportunities as they come! In the beginning, we need to consider the value of learning and practicing over a hefty invoice. If someone gives you an opportunity, be grateful and present so you can soak in all the knowledge possible.

Be patient.

Success doesn’t come overnight. I’ve been at this for a decade and I’m still always growing!

Enjoy the ride.

Buckle up… it’s a wild one. All you need to do is put in the work.
There’s more where that came from! If you’re new to creative entrepreneurship and are ready for 1:1 guidance, explore and connect with me to reserve one of my unique mentoring experiences…