I’ll tell you straight… In order to Keep Business Going While You Vacation you need to automate! Especially as a small team or solopreneur—the more you can automate, the better you’ll feel.

Now think of the times you’re OOO. Automation is a lifesaver because (newsflash) the world doesn’t pause while we’re on vacation. Take the necessary steps to ensure your business keeps running—looks like it’s running—while you give in to the travel bug itch.

Here are my tips…

Create a plan.

Decide what needs to get done before you leave, what (if anything) you will complete while away, and which items can wait until you’re back at your desk or automate in the meantime. A clear plan will ease that pre-vacation anxiety most of us entrepreneurs feel when trying to do all the things before takeoff!

Schedule, schedule, schedule.

You might take the entire vacation off client work, but still want to be active on social media because why not share your beautiful destination with your followers?! The more you can plan, the less social media will feel like work. Create an outline, write your captions, choose hashtags, and brainstorm photo ideas before you leave. Just add photos in the moment!

Pro tip: Plan a few regular posts for when you’re back because the few days after a trip are always the hardest.

Automate emails.

You can automate so much these days! Set your email auto-responder when you leave the office to include links to important information potential clients might need: packages and pricing, discovery call booking, your portfolio, or your social media so they can follow your adventure. Need to collect client payments while you’re gone or set client meetings? Schedule those reminders as well!

Easy peasy. All that’s left for you to do is hop on that plane, girl. With a good peace of mind knowing that you have put all things in place to keep business going while you vacation! – I don’t know about you, but this makes me sink in to relaxation while away and enjoy my vacation that much more.

In case you missed it, I’m on vacation this week! Join me on this wild adventure to Vietnam by following along on Instagram.