Hello, lovely readers! I’m still on vacation, but you know I’m a self-care junkie, so I thought it would be fitting to talk about how to practice self-care while travelling.

As creative entrepreneurs, we often forget about ourselves. When we’re away from our typical routines, self-care becomes even harder. On a jam-packed adventure, how do you find the time to be good to yourself?

I have a few tips for you…

Daily meditation.

Meditating daily is a non-negotiable whether I am at home or travelling. I live with anxiety and OCD, so meditating keeps my thoughts in check. Even if just for a few minutes, I try to sit in calm and welcome positive vibrations.

Unplug when you can.

We love our phones! As business owners or freelancers, we need our phones to promote ourselves online, but social media and technology detoxes are subtle acts of self-care. While vacationing, let yourself post latergrams: Wait until the end of the day so you can truly enjoy the moment.

Drink lots of water.

When our routines are out of whack, we forget the basics! At home, I always have a glass of water with me. When travelling, I’ve learned to keep water nearby as well instead of going with the flow and dehydrating because we’re having too much fun to notice we’re thirsty.

Practice yoga.

There’s something so magical about practicing yoga in a new place. I feel grounded and connected unlike anything else. Maybe because I’m tuned into soaking up the new surroundings rather than going through the motions of a routine practice?

Rest when you’re tired.

More adventurous vacations can make us feel like we need to do all the things before our flight home. Schedule enough time between excursions to rest and get enough sleep.

Topics of self-care and personal wellness are near and dear to my heart! We all deserve to give ourselves a little extra TLC. In what days do you practice self-care when on vacation? Let’s all share our ideas over on the ‘gram.