Burnout. The nightmare all creatives feel at least once in their lives—me included.

If you’ve experienced burnout before, you know it’s not just feeling tired, but arriving at a mental state of deflated exhaustion. You act robotically, moving through the motions on autopilot because that’s easier than swimming in what you feel. You’re uninspired on repeat.

Until when?

Until you do something about it.

When I feel creatively burnt out, I start by returning to my why. What’s my reason for waking up every day to continue building this life and career I’ve already spent so much time manifesting and working towards? The point of this mental check-in is to allow myself time to reflect on what my true vision for my life is. Sometimes it’s ok if that shifts a bit, it’s suppose to.

Next, I do the following three things and I wanted to share them in hope that these tools are as helpful for you as they are for me.

1. I give myself a break.

We function best when we start from a place of rest. A break is absolutely necessary when the signs of burnout start to creep in. However as a preventative measure, scheduling time off in advance is so beneficial for all of us. My days off, weekly vacations and even mornings off all get put into my calendar and scheduled well in advance. This allows me to look forward to the breaks, and work hard when its dedicated working hours.

Many of us entrepreneurs find it difficult to unplug, but it should be a priority. Work at getting those breaks scheduled in and start to see how this time for yourself fuels a fresh vibe in your work.

2. I flex different creative muscles.

I absolutely love what I do. Capturing people’s stories is quite literally a blessing to my life. But when we start to make a living off our art, then we are met with this added pressure to perform. When that happens to me, I look to other creative outlets and tap into a different part of my brain. No one expects me to be awesome at crafting, DIY projects, or writing, but I enjoy all three, so that’s where you’ll find me if my mind needs a boost!

3. I stop doing the things I’m not inspired by.

Sometimes when we’re burnt out, a specific task might feel like a major roadblock. If something is no longer inspiring me, or feels daunting then I ask myself if I can outsource it to another expert.

Challenging ourselves to think like CEOs instead of workers will allow us to remain the visionaries of our companies rather than be bogged down by endless tasks. This allows us to comfortably focus our efforts elsewhere knowing an expert has the other things covered.

Have you felt burnout before? Do you have your own tips to overcome creative burnout? Even though we all want to remain professional, it’s okay if we get into the #realtalk because that’s how we’ll all get better at what we do.

Let’s keep the conversation going over on the ‘gram by sharing your ideas. Maybe you’ll learn some new tools from others! And if you don’t feel like sharing just yet, know that you aren’t alone.