You have big dreams, you have a goal or a product, and you want to build a business. That’s awesome! You’ll hit the ground running, but once you start to gain momentum, you’ll notice other people who have been in business for much longer than you. Chances are, that’s when self-doubt is going to creep in and make you feel inadequate. As a business coach for women, I can’t tell you how much I see this.

Stop the Comparison Game

There’re ways to build your goals, that help you beat self-doubt while you grow your business. Maybe you’ve heard all of this before, but sometimes hearing the same information, delivered in a different way, finally starts to hit home. So that’s my goal.

While you’re busy building your business, I want you to stop comparing yourself to others. That’s a sure way to stop you before you even get started. People can appear like they’re doing better, that they’re further along, that they have more money, more clients, more inventory, a better website, or a better appearance. But here’s the thing, they all started where you’re starting. They all had to put in the work, and the hours and they all had to learn the many skills required to build profits.

Everyone experiences self-doubt and I am no stranger to that feeling. But what sets the successful person apart is the fact that they see challenges as something to overcome. That’s essentially what you’re going to have to do to equip yourself to meet your goals. Keeping that ultimate goal in mind is essential, but so is knowing that it’s a journey. Personally speaking, I’ve never want to feel like I have ‘arrived’. You have to start with one client to get 30 clients.

You know that saying, “you can’t compare your start to someone else’s middle.” The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday or the person you were last year.

Appreciate Your Journey

We often get so wrapped up in wanting 30 clients or wanting to go full time, that we forget to appreciate our growth. Growth is a big deal! Enjoying the journey, as you build your business, allows you to experience the joy of your dreams coming true. You’re putting the effort in, you’re pouring out some love and people are buying into what you’re offering.

It’s so important to appreciate your first five clients and foster your relationship with them. If you do it right, they’re going to be the gasoline that starts the fire. They will be your biggest cheerleaders. And essentially they will be the ones who help to scale your business to something bigger.

Practice being Grateful

Take time every single day for reflection and journaling and showing gratitude. Because when you acknowledge your appreciation for the small accomplishments along the way, they’re going to feel like big ones. The more you celebrate and show gratitude, the more opportunities will come your way, and you will build something wonderful for yourself.

You can not feel grateful and in a state of worry at the same time. Giving the small things power makes the big things feel like they are in reach for you.

A massively important part of keeping that good energy coming is to surround yourself with good people who are aligned with what you want for your life and your business. Meet with people who encourage you, and cheer for you regularly and bask in their positive energy. That fuels your motivation and your dreams, promise.

Remember, if you want to beat self-doubt, stop comparing yourself to others, appreciate the journey, and find something to be grateful for every day. If you need a business coach in your cheering squad, I would love to help you. Sign up for a 1:1 mentoring session here.

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