Do you remember those university/college days when you would get invited to a party and this rush of excitement would come over you! All the giddy school girl feelings of picking the right outfit, curling your hair just right, and choosing to arrive at just the right time. There were hopes of meeting new friends, and perhaps even a date for the following weekend. It was the carefree fun you hoped college or university would be!

Alex and Kyle story began this way. At a campus party while attending Brock University. Little did they know, that party would change their whole lives! It was an inter-mingling of mutual friends that lead them to each other and the rest is history from there.

When I hear stories that begin like this, it really makes me ponder about the workings of fate and purpose. How the universe pushes us in directions we are intended to go. Consequently how everything we do is inspired to help us reach the next destination in our lives. Seems like meeting certain people will lead to different opportunities and help us open different doors. Most of all, it’s crazy to think that the littlest decisions we make can have such a big impact on our lives.

I am a true believer in fate! Hence believing whole heartedly that some stories are just meant to be written. Love stories like this deserve to be celebrated because there is a certain level of magic to them. A beautiful serendipitous sort of act.

I believe this is the truth for Alex and Kyle! A meeting of strangers, perfectly place in the same location at the same time. Destined for one another. Two of the loveliest people, intended to live a great life together. A love that we all hope to attain in our lifetime.