Winter is not always a popular choice when it comes to a couple choosing when to do their engagement photos. However, I think when executed properly it can be a really stunning time of the year for these sessions. I have compiled a list of Winter Engagement Photo Tips to help you prepare.


  • The best time to schedule in your engagement photos is about 1-2 hrs before the sun sets.  At this time of year that is usually around 4:30pm. This means we will be scheduling your session earlier in the day.
  • Alternatively, we could schedule a sunrise session. However sunrise is generally around 7:30am so if you aren’t a morning person than this is totally not ideal for you.
  • When it comes to dress code, I always suggest that my clients dress in layers. It is better to be too warm than not warm enough. You can also hide another cute outfit under and adorable jacket as well. Two outfits in one!
  • Try choosing jackets that show off your shape. For women, a jacket with a belt is a great idea and help you look fab.
  • When it comes to scarfs and gloves, try not to choose items that are too bulky. When your scarfs and gloves are too bulky they take away your neck and jaw line and make posing and movements awkward.
  • Incorporate colour in your wardrobe. Outside is a bit of a white winter land and can be bland in colour, so don’t be afraid to throw in some colour to bring some life to your images.
  • Lastly, I always suggest my couple incorporate both an indoor and outdoor location! Its nice to end our winter engagement sessions in a cafe, or better yet in home. This allows variety to your photo collection as well as although us to get toasty inside