Meet Shelley… owner and creative designer at Wine Country Floral

I met with Shelley a few weeks back at her home floral studio located in Grimsby. I instantly fell in love with her gorgeous property, but more so in love with her beautiful spirit. From the moment she greeted me at the door, instantly welcoming me in, offering me a hot cup of coffee she exuded class, professionalism and more so undeniable kindness.

It was a pleasure getting to know her, seeing her in action as she created a beautiful bouquet and learning about this lady who is a true artist.

I will without a doubt be recommending Wine Country Floral to my brides!

A few words from Shelley…

This is my seventh year in the business. I came into this with an art and design background, a graduate of Fanshawe College School of Design. I worked as an artist in advertising, then freelanced in painting and portraiture, while at home, when my kids were young. Artists are always looking for a new creative challenge, and I was inspired by my very large garden when we lived in St. Anns. This lead me to take the floral design program at Niagara College. From there I worked in a local floral shop for a while. I was then asked to do the wedding flowers for some family friends, and I have been hooked ever since. Going into my seventh summer, I feel I have climbed that huge “learning curve hill” of the floral wedding industry.

What I love most about it is that I get to work with something in nature that is pure perfection and beauty. There is such a variety available now. The design combinations in colour and variety are never-ending. Its not like when our parents or grandparents got married. They were very limited in their flower options. The other part that I like is meeting and getting to know the couples…discovering their style and personality, then making suggestions to capture their vision.

The advice that I would give to brides would be to trust your floral designer. He or she (hopefully) is an expert, and you have chosen them because you have “clicked” with them, and like what they have to offer. Give them some creative licence. Sometimes there are last minute changes, or substitutions have to be made, because we are working with a perishable product. The weddings that have been given creative licence are always more beautiful.