Introducing two people in love! My beautiful sister Chantelle and her sweetheart Matt.

When true friendship and deep romance meet, it creates a beautiful connection. You trust a little stronger and the way you connect yourselves to each other is indescribable past the two of you. It is something special, something to treasure.

My sister has been fortunate to find the man who brings her to laughter everyday, who holds her tightly, gets lost in her eyes and gently pulls at her chin, bringing her closer to his lips at every chance he gets. So many times through-out my photo session with them, I had to stop my ‘photographer rhythm’ for just a second so Matt could kiss her. Im not kidding, he just can’t help himself. He would giggle and apologize, and we would all have a little laugh at his inability to keep his hands off his lady. Its a beautiful connection they share and the love and romance they share is the truest form of love. Have a look for yourself…

Sunlight soaked love.

Jess xo