The world is a beautiful place. It is full of hidden gems, a rare findings of people so different yet similar to the rest of us.

We had the chance to get away for a week this past June and so we headed to the travel agent and booked a cheap all inclusive vacation to somewhere we had never been….. Cuba. We heard rumours about how poor the service is and the food was going to be but also that the beaches were some of the most beautiful scenery. No matter where the destination… Im always happy to set out and see everything at least once. And we had a busy year and it was going to be nice to just put our feet up awhile and soak in some rays. It was relaxation what we were after and thats what we set out for. We were thrilled with our resort and the food was good. We met new faces from different parts of the world and got to know some of the locals also. We spent much time sitting in the sun, sipping on cold daiquiris but we also got out of the resort to explore some of the cuban culture as well. We went to a remote beach to collect star fish and kong shells, had lunch at a remote restaurant overlooking the crystal clear ocean, and we spent one day touring the city of Moron with a new friend. This was a different trip for myself and Tuk, in regards that we were with a group of our family also. Sometimes when you have too many opinions at one table it’s not always a good thing. I have travelled quite a few times and have a certain way of wanting to do things. I like to sit and relax but I also love to go, go, go!! Sitting still for too long is not my thing. But I must say… we did do a lot of relaxing and it was nice and definitely needed.

Cheers to Cuba and all its beauty.

Peace & Love,

Jessica xo